Thanksgiving Day — Oct. 12, 2009

So, today is Canadian Thanksgiving.  We celebrated yesterday, however.  My son, Landon, his wife Jenn and our three grandchildren, came for supper.  We had the usual turkey dinner, and it was very nice.  Tim said a sort-of-grace, more a prayer, I think, for family and all that we have to be thankful for.  It was appropriate.  Landon tried to be a little snarky, “I’m not religious, I’m not doing this” sort of attitude.  Tim reminded him to be careful.  I jumped in with my ‘okay, let’s move along’ comments, and we settled down to eat.  I always have such high hopes for these kinds of family gatherings and they’re generally a let down.  I have to face the fact that they’re never going to live up to my exptectations.  Sigh.  Too many hollywood movies wreaking havoc on reality.   We (I) should just be grateful that I have a son, who has a family, and that we get to see each other from time to time (mainly at my insistence, but how is that different from my own relationship with my own parents?).  My grandchildren give me great joy, and, though I think he tries mightily hard not to, so does my son.  Is it a mistake to have loved him as much as I did?  Isn’t that just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever thought!  How can you possibly love someone TOO MUCH?  For all that it is, for all that it’s worth, my life is what it is and there is no changing it.  Each and every day I say a little prayer for all that I am thankful and grateful for.  Thanksgiving Day is a testament to that.  I hope everyone had/has a wonderful thanksgiving, and that you find the joy of being thankful not just for one day but for all days.