Friday — yay!

This has been one long week!  Paradoxically, though, the month has flown by.  How does that work?  I’m starting to sweat about Christmas.  Don’t want to be that person, but. . .  Am I finally going to succumb to the lure of the pre-lit artificial Christmas tree?  Or will we stick with the Charlie Brown beauties we usually have?  I love a real tree, it’s just my husband insists on finding the biggest damn tree he can each year, and utterly destroying my house to get it inside.

This lovely family tradition invariably takes place on the coldest day of  winter and generally results in us not speaking to each other for another day or two, thus prolonging the deep-freeze.  Once the tree is in the house it takes hours for us to wrestle it into place.  Ropes are sometimes employed, along with the mother of all tree stands.  Lopping of branches and much shaking to dislodge as many dead needles, grasses, leaves and small rodents as possible then ensues.  Following this comes repeated vacuuming with Tim’s heavy-duty shop vac (this is kept handy for the entire Christmas season).  Then, the best part — I get to decorate it all by myself!!  Ladders, step-stools and chairs, oh my!

Much as I love the smell and atmosphere created by the transplanting of nature into my home, I’m just a tad weary of all the drama.  With Landon gone and raising his own family, all this fuss hardly seems worth it.  The kids will only see our tree

This one nearly caused a divorce.

once, maybe twice, and then there we’ll sit, with our backs to it.  Tim won’t have it lit while we’re watching television because the blinking lights reflected on the screen annoy him.  So I ask, what’s the point?

I know I’m sounding very hum-buggy, but seriously a pre-lit tree that I can just pop in and out of a box sounds like a jim-dandy idea to me.  Plus, if I try really, really hard I can convince myself that I’m doing a good thing by not cutting down a tree, depleting our supply of oxygen and contributing to the size of the hole in the ozone layer.  If I start feeling all nostalgic and begin longing for the warm fuzzies associated with Christmas trees past all I have to do is go buy some pine-scented candles or room spray.

Ho, Ho, Ho!


3 thoughts on “Friday — yay!

  1. Even if it is just for a few day’s in the month the time me (and now my kids mostly) really do enjoy it. Could you possibly imagine if we did not have a Griswald family christmas tree! I told Jen the other day we would get a fake tree (I was kidding by the way). WOW don’t say fake tree aroud her she’ll knock your block off. We all love coming there as everything is so big and so Christmassy (don’t know if thats a word but watever). I took on the old tradition of trying to get the biggest stocking ever and when I met Jen she could not belive the size or why I had made this huge paper stocking. To my surprize, yesterday we were talking christmas and I had seen some stockings with names on them and I had mentioned them to Jen and SHE say’s to me ” THOSE ARN’T BIG ENOUGH they need to be at least THIS LONG “. Ha, I thought to myself a bit of the Larson/Griswald tradition has slipped over to my wife. I know i’m just rambeling know. What i’m trying to say is that as long as you (and Dad) keep doing what the Larson do best (and that big) I know i’ll keep doing it and hopefully as time goes on my kid’s we’ll do the same. I know things get tougher as the years go by but you know I will always help even if it seems like i don’t want to. I know I’am not the gretest for calling but I alway’s call back. So if you need help this year Leave a message after the beep. LOL

    Love you lots.

    Landon/Clark G LOL!!!

    P.S. HO HO HO

    1. Honey, you just made my day! In more ways than one. First, I love what you said about our Christmas ‘traditions’ and secondly, you said it beautifully. I think, my son, that there just may be a writer inside of you! And don’t worry about the tree, I’ll never get an artificial one — I’m just trying to scare your dad into getting something a little more manageable. (I took him to Costco to see a 7.5′ pre-lit that I thought was okay. Guess what, the bastards had a 12′ pre-lit standing on the end. Guess what he said? I simply cannot win! LOL!

      lots of love,

  2. Lol!! We’ll I’am glad I made your day. I love the site. You know I’ve always enjoyed your writings (even if they were about me). You have alway’s had a wonderfull way with words especially in an argument. Even if your wrong you some how win. I think i’ts cause you know more words then us (which happens to be mostly everybody). Which I think is not fair. But one day I’ll get you. Keep up the good work and spread YOUR words! I know if I enjoy it so will the rest of the world. NOW HURRY UP AND GET A BOOK DONE ALREADY!!

    Love you lots


    P.S Tell Dad to piss up a rope. Same goes for Costco. LOL!!

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