Update on The Horse Whisperer

The reading is going slowly.  Too much else going on.  But. . . I am enjoying the book every bit as much as I did before.  Evans is a good writer, he  conveys everyone’s pain (even the horse’s) in a genuine way that doesn’t descend into melodrama.  Pain is a major character in the story and, as such, you don’t want to get tired, sick or bored with it, and Evans makes sure that doesn’t happen.   Annie is interesting.  I don’t remember liking her all that much the first time around.  This time it’s different.  I think I understand her a little better.  Her pain is really what makes this story as interesting as it is.  The horse, her daughter, although their pain is horrific, it’s visible.  You’ve really got to work to understand what’s going on with Annie.  Anyway, I’ll post again, hopefully soon.