Monday, November 9, 2009

Nova Scotia Sunset
Nova Scotia Sunset

Well, it’s a new day, a new week, a new start.  I’m grateful that I am given this opportunity each and every day to start anew.  The past can cripple you if you let it.  I choose not to.  I choose to be happy everyday, or at least as happy as I can be (and we all know what a struggle it is sometimes to be happy). 

For me, I start my day with a walk at six in the morning with my friend, Heather.  Always, I am glad for her companionship, even though there are times when I am not glad to be walking that early in the morning.  Each morning, my gaze is drawn to the sky, and I’m awed by it.  Whether it is clear or cloudy, a full moon or no moon, the sky always has beauty to offer. 

The vastness of it, the bold colours, the very existence of it over my head instantly calms  me, makes me grateful for my tiny little speck of being.  Rather than making me feel insignificant, it does the opposite.  Standing under the blanket of an indigo sky, with stars blinking a millenia away I feel that my life does have meaning, that all that I have strived for is infinitely worth the struggle.  I say a little inward prayer, plant one foot firmly in front of the other, and begin to live all over again. 

Here’s to beautiful skies.


3 thoughts on “Monday, November 9, 2009

  1. oh and by the way im not just saying that because your my sister pat yourself on the back this is well done and you should be proud of yourself we are

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