Saturday, November 14th

Well, made it out of Friday the 13th unscathed!

Actually, I had a pretty good day.  Got to go look after my grandchildren last night.  That was a treat.  God, they make me smile!  Baby Ethan reminds me of his dad so much.  He’s got such a serious little look on his tiny face, like he’s just taking it all in, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll let you know what he thinks a little later on.  Can’t wait til he’s walkin’ and talkin’!

Today, I’m spending the day cleaning house and doing a bit of writing.  I’ve got quite a few things to work on — a short story, a couple of children’s stories, some poetry, a couple of essays and of course, the ever continuing list of ideas that I never seem to get around to.  But I’m sooo happy to be able to spend today and tomorrow just dabbling away at what moves me.  A rare opportunity.

Christmas is coming fast!  Last night we were talking Christmas day plans with Landon and Jenn.  I can’t believe it’s that time already.  They’re excited to spend their first Christmas as a family in their first home — and I’m just as excited for them.  That’s such a wonderful feeling, that little cocoon you make around yourself and your child(ren), it’s a place where nobody else can come, where you truly come to appreciate what you have created.  Now I’m getting all sentimental, so I’ll stop.  But it is a rare and wonderful thing.

I’m getting used to the idea of Christmases spent mainly with just Tim and I.  A few years ago I’d have been crippled with self-pity, but I’ve finally accepted this change in my life, and even embrace it.  Although I do sometimes long for the days of noisy Christmas mornings, kids laughing and crying, adults getting into the ‘nog a little too early and turkey dinner perpetually late, I can appreciate the quiet relaxation of a day spent leisurely reading, doing jigsaw puzzles and talking to loved ones and friends on the phone.  We’ll do Christmas morning/afternoon with Landon and his family and it will be perfect.  It really is so true: To everything there is a season.

Christmas cookies
Gingerbread decorated by little hands.

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