Monday Morning

It’s back to work after a wonderfully relaxing weekend. 

Our friends, Muryl and Shelley introduced us to Geo-caching this weekend.  What a lot of fun!  A great way to get some exercise while familiarizing yourself with the place you live in and the surrounding countryside (or city-side if you’re a city dweller.)  I think it could become quite an addictive little hobby.  I just may have to seriously consider pursuing it.  With winter coming on, though (maybe), I will probably wait til Spring.  I’ve been thinking of all kinds of ways you could incorporate geo-caching into your other activities.  Would love to get Timothy and Hailey involved.  I think they’d have a blast.

As I said in the opener of this blog, I had  a nice, relaxing weekend.  Started a new book — a collection of Stephen King short stories called Just After Sunset.  So far, it’s vintage.  Loving it!  Also got working on my photos; trying to learn Photoshop.  Am I the only person who thinks Photoshop is difficult to use?  I struggle all the time.  I guess I’m going to have to find a course or class somewhere to get some help, because right now I’m about ready to pitch it.

Well, I hope everyone has a great day, a great week.  Talk to you soon.


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