Wednesday Night

A place of indescribable beauty, a testimony to faith and spirit and, yes, gratefulness.

I am grateful for my life . . .

This after 3 evenings and one day of meetings.  I didn’t think I’d ever see the end of them.  But, they’re behind me now and I can start to focus on other things I enjoy. 

Like. . .

baking with my grandchildren on Saturday and then having my son and his wife and my other grandchild come for supper. Then we’re going to go see some Christmas lights and take a little stroll on a beautiful winter evening.  Nothing quite says Christmas like baking and lights!  I am looking forward so much to this little self-made solstice on the weekend.

Right now I am dog-tired.  Yesterday at work I fell on the ice while helping supervise our kids during phys-ed where they were learning to curl.  Me and ice, not a good combination, historically.  I gave my head a good rap and jolted my back and shoulder, too.  Not so much that I can’t work, but just enough so that I can feel twinges of achy pain all day. Lovely.  Still . . .

I am grateful I didn’t get hurt worse.  That my body is still resilient enough to handle such mishaps.  I vow to not set foot on ice again this winter, or, at least until our next curling class.  Maybe I should take a helmet?

Well, I think I’m about ready for bed.  Which is something else I’m grateful for — that I have such a lovely home and a place to sleep that is warm and safe and comfortable.  So many in our world do not, and so many are fighting to bring security to others and, as a result, are missing their own safe, warm beds.  I am grateful for their efforts, even if those whom they are trying to help are not. 

The world is such a great place, truly.  Sometimes my heart just weeps at its loveliness.  Did you see the moon tonight?