Monday, Brrr, December 7th

Here's our nice little tree for 2009!


It’s minus flippin’ thirty-seven (-37ºC) here in Bon Accord!  I do not, I repeat do not, want to set foot outside again until it is at least only -15.  That’s not asking too much is it?   

I will do my best to be grateful for this weather and try to remember that it will kill the pine beetle and save our forests.  Also, it looks pretty from inside while I’m bundled up with a coffee and a good book.   

Oh, yeah . . . we got our tree this weekend and it’s not a giant.  It’s a very nice 8 footer that will be easy for me to decorate.  We went out with Landon and Jenn and the kids this weekend to Gunlor Pines — a family tradition now for 18 years!  With all the snow we got on Friday it was really quite nice.  The kids seemed to have fun although being bundled up they could hardly move, it was cute to watch them stumble along.  Timothy just kept agreeing with everything we said — “you like this one, buddy?”  “yeah.”  “how about this one? is this one better?”  “yeah.”  I’m sure he was just wondering why on earth we were out there wandering through a bunch of trees that essentially all looked the same to him.  After Tim and Jenn ‘felled’ our trees we headed in for hot chocolate and candy canes.  The kids were enthralled by the inflatable Santa popping in and out of an inflatable chimney.  It was a very good day.   

And now we’re in a deep freeze.  Sigh. 

A happy bunch of lumberjacks!