For Sandi

Last April, I took part in a poem a day competition.  This was one of the assignments.  Was looking for something to post today.  This is it.  Happy Birthday, Sandi.  It’s tomorrow.

Day 9 Memory Poem


Kathy Larson

At the oddest of times I’ll think of her.

My long lost best friend.

“Thank You for Being a Friend”, JD Souther

On the radio, and suddenly, it’s sunny days

In the park, laughing, the future wide open

In front of us, while we stretch our legs

In the sun, hoping to catch the guys

With the football’s attention.

Or, some grainy, half-faded photograph

Reminds me of the ones I never look at anymore,

The ones where we’re hung-over, stoned,

Goofing for the camera, forever young.

There’s a wild look in our eyes in those pictures

That I don’t like to be reminded of anymore.

Thirty years under our wings, kids, husbands,

Shattered dreams, angry words, salty tears.

Fifteen years since we last spoke and still,

Whenever there’s something important to say

It goes out to her, hoping, in my coward’s heart,

She’s listening.