Little things

I had a great weekend.  We celebrated Tim’s birthday by going bowling with Landon, Jenn and the kids.  Hailey and Timothy seemed to really enjoy it; it did take us 2 and 1/2 hours to play 2 games, though.

They were hilarious to watch — Hailey is very much like Landon — very competitive and determined to do it all by herself.  And that’s what you want, folks — independence, though it can be hard on the ego and the heart-strings.  Timothy, being only three, was simply interested in doing what everyone else was doing.  It didn’t matter if the ball went in the gutter, he yelled “Yay, I did it!”  He is such a joy — I love every minute with him.  With all of them. Truly.


Lately, I’ve been really feeling the need to get another dog.  I see people out walking them and I wish I had one to walk, too.  I love dogs.  Love their loyalty, their unconditional love, their happy/sad eyes, their scruffly bellies and their wet noses.  One of these days, when I’m not so damned consumed with other things, I’m gonna go get me a dog!


I’m doing the brown-rice diet thing, again.  Felt the need to get my diet under control.  I’m trying to lose 20 pounds — hopefully before my trip to New York in July.  So far, it’s not going well.  I’ve managed to lose about 5 lbs, and there I’ve plateaued.  To be utterly honest, I haven’t been very good about doing what I need to in order to lose that much weight.

I don’t exercise enough.  I do walk nearly every morning and go to a yoga class once a week, but I should be doubling my efforts if I want to drop the weight.  Oh, oh!  here comes my old friend, Not Enough Time, to keep me from accomplishing that.  I suppose, if I gave up everything else in my life, except work, I could find the time.

I eat too much crap.  It is so unbelievably easy to slip into rotten eating habits.  Even as I’m putting a donut in my mouth I’m saying ‘this is not going to help you lose 20 lbs, Kathy’, but still I go ahead and chow down.

And it’s not even that I crave stuff that’s bad for me, truthfully, most times I’d rather eat a piece of fruit.  What it comes down to a lot of times is the social factor.  You’re out with friends or co-workers and they’re having a Tim’s and a donut, so, in order to feel like you’re part of the group, you have one, too.  It’s silly, really.  Drinking mass-produced coffee and donuts doesn’t make you friends with anyone.

So, I’ve been eating brown rice, vegetables, fruit and numerous derivatives of, for two days now.  I’m going for a week.  Stepped on the scale this morning.  Dropped 3 lbs already.  I feel more energized, too.

The first time I did this diet, I thought I was going to die.  The first go-round though involved completely cutting out salt and sugar.  That was the most brutal thing — no salt.  Now, after about half a dozen times, I actually enjoy it, and I add the odd pinch of salt or sugar to things to make them more palatable.  Still, I consume no where near the amount of salt and sugar that I once did.  (Unless I’m socializing, that is.) It’s like a purge, though, not nearly so hard or restrictive.

Hopefully, after a week of this diet, I’ll have dropped five pounds and be more committed to my long-term goal of losing 20.  We’ll see.


Okay, one more thing and then I gotta go.

This one is in the wack-a-do category.  Got an email from someone on the weekend extolling the many virtues of honey and cinnamon.  Of the 2 dozen or so health benefits of these 2 substances, one maintains that drinking  honey and cinnamon twice a day can help you lose weight.  So, I’m trying it.

Every morning, before I go for my walk I make a ‘tea’ of boiling water, an eighth tsp cinnamon, and 1 tsp honey.  It actually tastes pretty good, and wakes me right up.  Oddly enough, when I repeat this drink before going to bed (you’re supposed to) it helps calm me and put me right to sleep.

It can’t hurt right?  And it’s better than spending a ton of money on appetite suppressants or metabolism boosters that just might kill you.  I’ll let you know if it actually does help me lose weight.


Okay, so that’s my rambling for today.  Wishing everyone a wonderful, stress-free life.


What’s goin’ on

I’m finally tackling the time thing — I’ve started an essay.  We’ll see how it goes.  As time is the topic, it’s likely it won’t be finished any time soon.

Heading off to yoga class in about half an hour.  I like yoga and look forward to stretching and feeling my body through my breath.  It’s true — you do discover a new awareness of your body and your self when you concentrate solely on breathing.  I try to incorporate what I learn into my daily routine, but often find I JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME.  (It drives me nuts how often I repeat that phrase!)

I’ve discovered, though, something in my writing of this essay, that has helped me get past the guilt of blaming a lack of time for not accomplishing all that I try to accomplish.  It is this:  When I look back on my journals, and read about my many attempts at doing something, be it yoga or writing or running a marathon, I take pride in the fact that I keep on trying.

At any time, I suppose, I could just quit, say to hell with it — I’m NEVER going to have the time — but I don’t, or at least I haven’t yet.  Maybe I’ll never write anything as wonderful as Who Has Seen The Wind, and maybe I’ll never be able to stand with my forehead touching my knee , and it is very unlikely I’ll ever run a marathon, but I can keep on doing things that lead me ever onward towards those pie-in-the-sky goals.

So, maybe this is something that will go in my essay:  Faith in oneself can conquer the vagaries of time.  That sounds ultimately quotable, doesn’t it?