Monday Morning– just another day in paradise

Well, the weekend was wonderful.  (I love alliteration!)

No, really. . .

the weekend was pretty good.  The garage sale went well — made about $100 — so can’t complain, and I got rid of a bunch of crap.  I actually feel guilty calling it crap when I took people’s money for it and they left with smiles on their faces, but at any rate, it’s not in my house anymore and when it was here it only had nuisance value, hence it was crap.

Hailey and Timothy arrived on Sat. afternoon and Hailey immediately decided she needed to have some of my ‘pretty stuff’.  So I let her shop.  She made off with a couple of bracelets, an old compact and a few other trinkets.  It made her happy — how could I say no?  Timothy wasn’t interested at all, he’s still too little.  He just wanted to play with the old video re-winder that looks like a car.

Then, of course, it started to rain, so we had to hustle everything inside, thereby ending the garage sale about an hour early.  I was ready for it to be over, though, the wind had kicked up and I was starting to get stressed about losing Heather’s tent.  The minute we had everything inside the rain and the wind stopped.  The sun came back out; I said a few choice words under my breath and went and had a shower.    Left everything strewn about my kitchen and my living room to dry.

The kids and I ate supper in the living room because the kitchen table was covered in the a-fore mentioned crap.  It was fun, we watched UP while we ate — they thought it was neat, anyway.  However, picking rice out of the carpet after Timmy had finished wasn’t neat, but what the hey, it’s only rice and dust mites gotta eat, too.

Yesterday was a beautiful day — warm, sunny and no wind.  We planted some pots up, watched bees gather pollen, stomped on ants and visited with our neighbours across the street.  All in all, a very good day.

Today, it’s back to work.  Only 3 weeks left and then vacation.  I am definitely counting the days!