Lilian Schick road 6:15 on a rainy morning in June
It’s a rainy morning in Bon Accord.  Just a light rain for the moment, but we’re expecting an inch to fall throughout the day.

As we walk through town each day Heather and I notice all sorts of little things — whose planted in a new shrub, or how many new houses are being built, who got a new car, whose grandkids are visiting — that sort of thing.

But, over the past couple of weeks it’s really become alarming to see what is happening to our lovely spruce trees.  I’ve lived here 20 years and when we first moved here one of the things that we noticed was the long row of spruces that flanked what used to be the railroad line.

Well, the railroad was gone a long time ago, but the trees remained, untouched and unspoiled until developement began.  Then, contractors began to complain (and I’m sure, some homeowners, too) about kids playing in the bottom branches of the trees and building forts with contraband scrap lumber.

So, the arbitrary decision was to go in and hack off the bottom 4 -5 feet of branches on these lively, iconic trees.  Heather, who knows a helluva lot about trees pointed out this morning how what they’ve done could possibly destroy these lovely trees.  By removing the bottom-most branches — those with the widest spread– there is now no way for rain to make it out to the feeder roots, and, as a result the trees will likely suffer from a lack of moisture.

Now, bear in mind that although this has been a particularly wet couple of months, it’s not always like this.  In fact, more often than not, it’s damn near drought conditions pretty much most of the time.  Aesthetically, what’s been done to these trees is also a disgrace — they are far more beautiful in their natural state.  Now they seem somehow degraded, sad and pathetic.  Seeing them in their altered state makes me angry, and also makes me wonder — why do people always have to try to ‘improve’ things?

That’s my thought for the day.

they're butchering the trees
the slough in the rain