Had one of ‘those’ days

It started out fine.  I was happy, joyful even, to be at work.  And then. . .

. . . well, we just won’t go there.

Suffice it to say I was glad, glad, glad to be finished work today.

Highlight of my day, though, was ‘interviewing’ Ms. Austin’s class.  A bunch of Grade 5-er’s who were inspired enough by a video about the evils of bottled water to ban the stuff from their classroom.  So, I thought, this will make a good human interest story for our CUPE newsletter, I’ll just do that.

They were delightful!  There were some serious kids in that class, and I can only hope that they stick to their pledge to drink tap water from now on.  We had a great little chat about other ways to save water and I shared some of my tips and tricks.  They seemed kind of amazed that I was that serious about saving water.

In a country like ours, there is absolutely no good reason for people to be drinking bottled water, unless of course you live in some polluted wasteland of a reserve or next to an abandoned mining pit.  Yes, these places exist in Canada.  But, for the rest of us, we have access to clean, abundant supplies of fresh drinking water.  It drives me crazy when I see people buying bottled water.

I take a stainless water bottle with me wherever I go (I have several).  And if it gets empty I find a tap and I fill it up.  Simple. Inexpensive. Smart.  Nothing to throw away, no petro-chemicals burned needlessly.  Hopefully, I’m keeping my carbon footprint as small as possible.

Personally, I’d like to see all major cities ban the import of bottled water — but, of course, that will never happen.  Somebody’s rights would be violated for sure.  Never mind about mine, and my desire to live in a world not cluttered up with millions of tossed water bottles.

I won’t go into this too much, because it is such a BIG issue — how all that plastic is creating havoc with our planet — the oceans, the ground, the air, the animals, birds and insects — just search the web, you’ll find all the horror stories you could care to read.

I’m grumpy tonight — didn’t intend to go on like that.

My walk this morning was very nice.  Got some pics of a magpie in the top of a tree, and a different view of ‘lake’ Bon Accord.  Hope you enjoy them.

Good night all.


3 thoughts on “Had one of ‘those’ days

  1. Morning K…hear hear….I am far too mean to buy water…am convinced they just fill the bottles from a tap anyway.
    Hehehe…we were both grumpy yesterday..hope you are better today!

    1. I feel much better today, thanks. The sun is finally shining! And am going on a field trip with the Grade 9’s — floating down the North Saskatchewan River on a raft and then a visit to the water treatment facility in Edmonton. Right up my alley kind of stuff. Enjoy your Friday.

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