Saturday Afternoon

Went to the farmer’s market in St. Albert this morning.  Forgot the damn camera!  We were on the bike, so in the hurry of trying to remember everything we need for that, the camera got looked over.  Sigh.

The market was nice — got some fresh onions, spinach cherries and tomatoes.  Yum!  Saw an old friend, had a great visit.  Couldn’t find anywhere to grab a quick breakfast, did manage to snag a coffee.  then. . .

. . . lost Tim for about a half an hour.  So, I just found a bench sat and people watched.  Very relaxing.

I should be out in the yard right now, but wanted to do this first.  Check in on a couple of acquaintances and get a few thoughts down.

Something nice passed on to me today — you should definitely check it out:

Can’t say why, really, but this made me cry when I watched it.  Something I suppose about the earnestness and honesty of youth, the unconditional belief that good things happen just because you believe they will, something like that.  Anyway, it touched a chord, ’nuff said.

No picture, sorry, perhaps I’ll be more with it tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon

  1. Being an ex-Albertan, now living on a tiny island on the West Coast, I can smell the outdoors of my home province – accented by the odor of black prairie soil. As I type, I look at at a bank of B.C. tall grasses that no one dares touch because it is my connection to recollections of youthful freedom! I love my home here, but there is no substitute for the sensory feed that my childhood burned into my memory!

    Thanks for the cry. I too am wiping tears – perhaps it’s because I feel hugged! – Amy

    1. There is definitely something to be said for the prairies — some of my favorite memories are of playing in the fields of grass and hay when we were kids. The smell of sweet clover has the power to transport me back to those times in an instant.

      Isn’t being hugged a most wonderful thing?

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