Father’s Day

Tim has gone golfing for the day with Landon and a couple of friends.  Hope they have the best time.  I know I’m grateful for a day to myself.  Have plans to get much done.

I feel so peaceful today, don’t know why.  I’m just so relaxed and looking forward to a day of puttering in the yard, maybe sitting outside with a new book and a cold beer a little later on.

There is nothing weighing on my mind; I’m heading into the last 2 weeks of work before the summer break and all is good.

On the way home last night, about 9:30, the sun was setting and it was so gorgeous I just had to try to get some shots.  Of course, camera still at home, (I’ve got to remember to take it with me EVERYWHERE I go!) so had to drive like a fiend to get home and get it.  Then raced through town to find a high point.  I don’t the shots are particularly good, but at least I got some.  Experimented with different settings — hopefully next time I’ll know better what I’m doing.

Also, here a couple of shots of a bee in my poppies — I wanted to capture one of the big B-52’s, but the buggers wouldn’t come back around.  Instead, I got one of the smaller, less spectacular type of bees — still, they’re amazing.

Hope all the Dads out there have a wonderful day — enjoy your time with your kids doing whatever it is that makes you all happy.  Here’s a little video that kind of puts it in perspective (though it is a commercial for Sprite, it’s very well done).  Enjoy.

Sorry, I couldn’t download the video — but if you go to YouTube and type in Sprite – Love you should be able to find it.  Hope it works, because it really is a sweet little video.