Father’s Day

Tim has gone golfing for the day with Landon and a couple of friends.  Hope they have the best time.  I know I’m grateful for a day to myself.  Have plans to get much done.

I feel so peaceful today, don’t know why.  I’m just so relaxed and looking forward to a day of puttering in the yard, maybe sitting outside with a new book and a cold beer a little later on.

There is nothing weighing on my mind; I’m heading into the last 2 weeks of work before the summer break and all is good.

On the way home last night, about 9:30, the sun was setting and it was so gorgeous I just had to try to get some shots.  Of course, camera still at home, (I’ve got to remember to take it with me EVERYWHERE I go!) so had to drive like a fiend to get home and get it.  Then raced through town to find a high point.  I don’t the shots are particularly good, but at least I got some.  Experimented with different settings — hopefully next time I’ll know better what I’m doing.

Also, here a couple of shots of a bee in my poppies — I wanted to capture one of the big B-52’s, but the buggers wouldn’t come back around.  Instead, I got one of the smaller, less spectacular type of bees — still, they’re amazing.

Hope all the Dads out there have a wonderful day — enjoy your time with your kids doing whatever it is that makes you all happy.  Here’s a little video that kind of puts it in perspective (though it is a commercial for Sprite, it’s very well done).  Enjoy.

Sorry, I couldn’t download the video — but if you go to YouTube and type in Sprite – Love you should be able to find it.  Hope it works, because it really is a sweet little video.


6 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. I just know I’m going to love following your blog! I subscribed to it when last visiting.
    By the way, could I EVER feel the Last-of-June-Heebie-Geebies that school staff feel – in your last article! My mother was a teacher at Buck Lake back in the days when the school board could only afford to pay her sporadically. Thank God the Buck Lake and Winfield General Stores allowed charge accounts that lasted for months.
    – Amy

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words. Yes, the month of June is a tough one for everyone working/attending school. The kids are essentially done, exams for the ‘regular’ students is all the focus and teachers try everything in their power to make sure they have all they need to meet their expectations. What with field trips and rallies and other fun stuff to get crammed in, it can get a little hairy at times. For the special needs students, the ones I work with, it’s just a matter of keeping them motivated everyday, which is very tiring sometimes. But, it’s almost done and soon we’ll all be free!

  2. Well, I have you to thank — you were my initial motivation for the daily pics — now, I don’t leave in the morning without my little Sony digital. Have got to develop the habit of taking the Nikon with me in the vehicle. Sounds like you’re feeling better?

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