Wednesday — Randomness

Here’s a very interesting article on the use of the ellipsis.  For anyone into language, grammar, etc.  I loved his point of view.

I’ve had a couple of quiet days.  Getting things ready to take my grandkids camping.  Am thoroughly looking forward to it.  I love camping!

There have been disturbing signs already that summer is starting to wind down.  The mornings are cooler, the evenings shorter, the smell of freshly cut crops lingers in the air, my petunias are beginning to get ‘leggy’, and the lilies’ glory is  fading.

Summer is my favorite time of year and I always feel just a bit mellow when I acknowledge that it is leaving.  Here, in Alberta, it is such a short visit.  I know that fall will be glorious and there will be warm days and nights to come, but it’s simply not the same.  Summer is magic; it’s sultry heat and god clouds and everything growing at its absolute height of perfection.  It’s kids laughing and staying up late and s’mores and scraped knees and Popsicles.  It’s a beer on the front porch watching the hummingbirds dip into the delphinium, or, later, watching as the bat dips and dives and devours mosquitoes.  It’s the sound of coyotes in the field nearby, their yips and yowls just beyond my bedroom window.  It’s the sound of frogs chirping and croaking and the way it always makes me smile how they all stop in unison when someone walks past the slough.  It’s reflection time, connection time; time to just enjoy being alive.

Delphinium . . . sans hummingbird

7 thoughts on “Wednesday — Randomness

  1. So good to be back home again. Loved your Alberta descriptions so thanks for appealing to all my senses. And I won’t use an ellipsis in this comment. Thanks for that link. The blogger did a marvelous job of pointing out what I was doing. Truly, it was just what I needed. Time for a little discipline in my written comments.

  2. I was just feeling the same way the other day. I’m always sad to see summer fading away and it doesn’t help that with our profession it means back to work as well.

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