Okay, so here’s the blog I checked out today:


Very much worth a visit.

what I'm hoping for this weekend

It’s raining here today.  Very dark and gloomy.  Am trying not to be too discouraged, because we need the rain, badly.  However, this could put a damper on my camping plans.

You see, we still tent it.  Which isn’t bad for Tim and I, but my grandkids are 3 and 5.  Don’t know how much fun they’ll have if we have to hole up in a tent all weekend.  Sigh.  I am praying to the sun gods.  Pray with me.

I think I am finally over whatever bug it was I had.  Man oh man, this one hung on!  Today was my first day in nearly a month that I haven’t had a sore throat.  And I can finally take a deep breath without coughing.  Sing hallelujah!

Did a little bit of weeding in the garden before the rain hit.  Sad to see how everything is already spent.  There will be a few more blooms, but the zenith is past.  Now it’s just keeping on top of chickweed and unscented chamomile.  The slugs have wreaked havoc on my coleus, but I’ve decided to let them be.  The coleus have given me the best of themselves so far, why not let the little buggers have a bit of them, too?  It’s time too, to get in and hack down the Delphinium that is no longer in bloom.  They start looking so bedraggled and dirty after they’ve bloomed.  I want them out!  It can wait til next week, though.

Well, I guess I’ll go do a bit more optimistic packing for the weekend.  Remember:  pray for sun!


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  1. I hope your rain decides to leave and come this way for the weekend.
    Glad you’re getting over your bug.
    My garden is starting to show hopeful little shoots, I saw a fushcia bud yesterday 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

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