Something way past due. . .

While I was away on my trip to New York something nice happened — Granny 1947 picked me to receive an award for my blog.  This is the link:

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was both astonished and honoured by her consideration.  Really.  Because, often, when I’ve finished my blog for the day I wonder:  Who is going to be interested in this?  But, nonetheless, I post it anyway.  It’s a way of communication and I am so glad for the connections I’ve made on this space.  To think that others find my ramblings interesting is humbling and inspiring.

Unfortunately, the award says I’m to pass it on to 15 others.  I’m terribly sorry, but I don’t know 15 others, so, I’ll just pass it on to the few I do know.  Maybe they have already received it — if so,I hope they will consider it a double honour.

I have copied the following directly from Granny’s blog:  Traditionally, when one receives an award like this, he/she graciously passes it along to someone else with no strings attached, but The Versatile Blogger Award comes with some conditions, listed below. If you are one of the recipients, please understand there is no pressure to accept it – just know that we enjoy visiting your blog.

1. Thank the folks and link to them
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass along to 15 bloggers (and link to them)
4. Comment on their blogs to tell them of the award

1.) Thank the Folks and Link to Them:

Thank you,, for awarding The Versatile Blogger Award to me.  I find it awesome that you even considered me.

2.) Share Seven Things About yourself.

  • I have been married for nearly 31 years — and we still manage to have fun together from time to time.
  • I have a son, an only child, who has 3 beautiful children of his own.
  • I am the oldest of eight children — 3 sisters, 4 brothers.
  • The only time I inhaled a cigarette I passed out cold, so you could say I have never smoked.
  • I dream of winning the lottery and finding a lovely lakefront cottage in which to while away my days writing and reading and gardening.
  • I would love to spend a year travelling the world.
  • I constantly dye my hair red; it suits my temperament better.

3. Pass Along to 15 Other Bloggers and Link to Them:
(In alphabetical order)


10 thoughts on “Something way past due. . .

  1. I died my hair red once and really liked it, but sadly it didn’t last a hot ten minutes. Then I died TOL’s (The Other Lisa’s) hair “red” and it lasted a really, really long time and went through various stages of orange and purple along the way. I thought it was funkalicious, her kids thought it was hilarious and everyone else did at least notice. I believe she has forgiven me; having exciting new reasons to defriend me now.

  2. Way to go my friend. Well deserved. Your writings are lovely and make me smile and think.
    Was a delight spending the evening with you. We need to do that more.

  3. Congrats and thanks 🙂

    I stopped dying my hair red some time ago. In hindsight I should have carried on doing it and stopped smoking instead.

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