Thursday, hazy Thursday

Hazy sun through my pine
The sun blanketed in haze over freshly swathed fields, 8 a.m.

Reading one of Cindy’s posts ( ) this morning I was inspired to create this list of things that impress me:

  • stories about people who go out of their way to do kindness for small seemingly insignificant creatures like snails and slugs — recently reported on CBC
  • helpful strangers who will Google an address or directions for you — this happened in New York quite frequently
  • the nice people who walk by our house (which is in a constant state of renovation and yard work) who only say nice things like:  wow, you guys are doing a great job!  when in actuality they’re probably thinking: wow, are you guys ever going to finish?
  • really, really nice cars — in red, that are incredibly fast
  • the Tiffany’s diamond — it was the real thing and it was stunning
  • my grand daughter’s sweetness to her brothers
  • juicy, ripe tomatoes fresh off the vine
  • Cirque du Soleil — those performers are otherworldly

This could go on and on, once you start it’s kind of infectious.  Here’s a couple of pictures of other things that impress

me with their beauty:


3 thoughts on “Thursday, hazy Thursday

    1. I love fast, red cars — something of a fantasy. It is quite beautiful here, though for the past week it’s been rather cool — we haven’t got much warmer than 20 celsius. Also, we’ve blanketed with smoke from the BC forest fires. Hasn’t been fun. Hope your spring is warming you up — it’s always such a sign of hope and renewal — cliche though that may be.

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