My last Monday of holiday time . . Sigh!

Here’s today’s blog from my meanderings:

He has this neat little thing going, kind of like tweeting, I guess, where you post ten word comments.  He’s trying to reach a million of them, I think.  Check it out, some of the comments are pretty neat.  I left my own ten-worder, and now am obsessing over others.

It was a pretty quiet weekend here at chez Larson.  Tim went for a ride with a buddy then worked in the yard.  Landon, Jenn and the kids came for brunch yesterday — we had the traditional eggs Benedict, was wonderful.  And other than grocery and shoe shopping I didn’t do a damn thing.

Well, I did finish Atonement on Saturday.  Wonderful book.  Read it.  There’s a surprising revelation at the end.  Ian McEwan has just become one of my favorite authors.

So, my gd car has to go into the shop again!  This time it’s the keyless entry system.  Just up and quit on me.  You know, I love this vehicle for the way it drives, the comfortable interior, the smart look, but I am less than pleased with all the ‘little’ things that have required fixing.  It seems to me there is something faulty with the electrical system if I keep having these problems.

Anyway. . .  that’s what I’m doing on my last Tuesday of my holidays.  Huge sigh.

Last Friday I did something I never thought I would.  I went through all my old files of writing — the articles and short stories I had started but never finished — and I threw most of them away.  I thought it would hurt, or cause me some major anxiety, but it was actually quite easy.  I shook my head once or twice when I thought about the wasted time and the amount of paper, but afterwards I felt good.  It was like I got rid of a huge weight.  That file drawer full of unfinished projects, the accordion files filled with twenty-five year old clippings (I know, I can hear some of you gasping that I tossed them) were like nagging, mean-spirited, nasty tormentors that made me feel like a failure every time I opened the drawer or walked past their dust-covered tops.

I kept my hundreds of rejections and copies of anything that I thought might still have potential.  Why did I do this?  Is it because I’m giving up on writing?  No.  It’s just that I feel it’s time to move forward.  To stop being bogged down by everything I haven’t done.  To get going on the stuff I want to accomplish.  All those old ideas were good ones at one time, but they lost their relevance a long time ago.  I just couldn’t accept that.

It was surprising for me to go through my files because in there were published articles and pieces that I had forgotten about.  I was actually quite proud of myself when I took a look at all I had actually accomplished as a writer.  Now, it’s time to get back there.  No more excess baggage, no more guilty avoidance of the file drawer.  I can open it now and add new stuff.  Stuff I will finish.

That’s the plan, anyway.

I am feeling good about this!

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