Wednesday — and I’m runnin’ late!

Well, it’s back to work today.  And. . .

. . . I hit the wrong button on the alarm clock and didn’t get up at 6 like I had planned.  Poor Heather, she was coming over to meet me for a morning walk.  Left her standing out there on the step.  Sorry, sorry, sorry.  So, I didn.t get up until 7:10.  Not a great start, I’d have to say.

My goal this year is to be so ahead of myself in time that I have the last 15 minutes of my  morning, before rushing out the door, to sit and read.  I’m up for the challenge!  Because, as anyone who knows me knows, I’m usually flying to get to work with a minute to spare.

That means that I’m going to have to work something out for blogging.  Because I just don’t see it workin’ for me in the a.m.  Unless I’m up at 5 again, and at this moment, I’m just not sure I want to do that.  6 is fine, 5 makes me a little cranky.

We’ll see, I got used to it last year, even to the point of enjoying that sense of stillness that exists that time of morning.

Anyway, chickadees, gotta fly.  Or I’m gonna be late on my first morning.  There will be no reading today!

(Will answer yesterday’s comments later.  Thanks everyone!)


7 thoughts on “Wednesday — and I’m runnin’ late!

    1. Yes the start of school tricks us into thinking it’s Fall, but really, we have another whole month of summer ahead. These rotten cold temps we’ve been having lately, sure aren’t helping either!

  1. Good Morning…enjoy your first day back at work.
    I must start getting mentally prepared too….in summer I like to walk on the beach BEFORE work…it sets me up for the day…also gives me a nap attack about midday!

    1. It’s been tough getting back into the swing of things and unfortunately, I’ve just been bombarded lately with a ton of unforeseen events. I probably won’t be blogging daily, but I’ll try to post a few times a week for sure.

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