It’s Friday!

I made it through the week — yay!

I’ve got a busy but pleasant weekend in store.  My grandkids are coming for a sleepover and then the youngest is celebrating his first birthday on Sunday.  Lots of fun, which is exactly what I need.

Hope everyone else is looking forward to a relaxing time, too.

Oh yeah, for anyone who cares to know — the temperature here this morning was a balmy – 10 degrees C.  Brrr!  Yesterday we actually saw snowflakes!  Can you say early, cold winter?  Believe it!


6 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. A lovely, folksy post. 🙂
    Hope you enjoy your weekend and your grandkids. (Jealous. Am still awaiting mine, but son and daughter-in-law are 40, soooo….)

    Have fun …

  2. Hope you had a wondeful time with your family my friend 😀 I always love visiting your blog – it makes me smile so xx

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