In response to Viewfromtheside’s weekend challenge

I just thought I would try this after visiting TheOnlyCin’s blog and seeing the challenge and her response to it.

Thanks to Viewfromtheside for the opportunity.

© 2010 Kathy Larson

September 17, 2010

The Beat of My Heart

As the years slide on by

I question it more and more

This pulse, my life force.

What once felt trapped

And often raged, blindly,

Now feels caged. . .

. . .from time to time

There is a flutter within,

A pounding of fists,

And moments of joy

Of sorrow of anger

Swell the dams and burst

Through to memory.

And I, remembering why

Place a trembling hand there

And smile.  This is mine,

This uncertain beat.


17 thoughts on “In response to Viewfromtheside’s weekend challenge

  1. Wow! The whole family is behind you and reading and commenting. Great! Like to see that.

    Well done poem. You rose to the challenge and you did it well. I like “there is a flutter within, a pounding of fists …” Evocative. Nice.

    Poem on …

    1. Hi Granny — sorry, been up to my eyeballs in meetings, grievances, complaints, concerns. . . . hopefully I’ll get back to more ‘fun’ stuff soon! Take care.

  2. This is reminds me that we should be grateful for who we are..and that we should listen to our hearts. I love your use of rhyme too…xx

      1. Thank you – I’ve been out of action for a coupla weeks for various reasons, but I am back now and will be blogging like there is no tomorrow…well…you know what I mean! lol xx

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