Tuesday, oh, Tuesday

When I woke yesterday I was full of optimism, eager to get back into the swing of things.  I won’t lie, heading back to work did not make me jump for joy, why, oh why did I not win the $50 mil last Friday?, was my immediate thought.  But, the beginning of the new year always gets me a little excited, so I was anxious to put a formal start to it.

Today. . .

. . . hmmm.  Another story.

The alarm went off at 5:30, my new time for getting up so that I can have time to blog.  I slid out of bed at ten to six.  Tried not to berate myself too much.  This is only Day 2 after all.  Am frantically watching the time in the right bottom corner of the screen as I type because I have to be done by 6:30 so that I can go practice yoga for a half hour.

The yoga is a new addition to my new morning routine, as well.  While in Winnipeg at my sister Lori’s, I went to her yoga practice and was lucky enough to experience the teachings of a true teacher.  I came away inspired to keep practicing what I was taught.

Didn’t make it yesterday.  Spent too much time blogging then had to make the dash to get ready for work.

Today, I am determined to keep to my schedule.  It’s my old struggle with time.  It just seems that there is so much I want to do, I make a schedule thinking I’ve got more than enough time to handle it all, but then, in the end, I’m left with a half-dozen things not crossed off my ‘to do’ list.  Drives me nuts.

Hope your day goes smoothly — have a happy Tuesday.

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