10 days in. . .

Okay, so it’s been 10 days so far. . .

. . . I think it’s going to be a long year.

Last Friday I had a terrible craving for chocolate while at work — I ate an orange instead.  Then chewed gum.  Then drank tea.  Did not succumb, but it was hard.

Saturday, during our recovery from the snowstorm I went into cocoon mode and that generally means comfort food and to me comfort food means cookies, cake, candy, etc.  I went and played Scrabble, drank sherry and ate mini-oranges instead.  It worked.  I made it through.

When I weighed myself yesterday I was down 4 lbs.  Current weight:  168 lbs.  Not kidding myself, that is most likely all water loss.

I have started back at Curves.  Went twice last week, am aiming for 3 times this week.  I am also trying to get in some yoga or the treadmill 3 times a week.

I’m trying the Curves weight loss program again in an effort to jump-start my metabolism.  I am going the protein route rather than the carb route.  Too many carbs generally make me feel bloated and lethargic.  I may switch between them, but I’ll have to check out whether that is recommended or not.

I think I was expecting big, immediate results after 10 days of not eating any kind of sweet, but I have been disappointed.  I do, however, think it has made a big impact on my sense of general well-being.  I am not as tired as I was before starting this crazy thing, and I have not changed my sleeping habits or daily activities.  So, getting rid of excess sugar and fat in the diet does have that positive immediate impact.

I got measured and weighed at Curves last week.  In the interest of transparency and so I can keep a running comparison going I’m going to post those measurements:

Bust — 41″
Waist – 36′
Abdomen – 41.5′
Hips – 41.5′
Thighs – 22.75′
Upper Arms – 12′
Weight – 172 lbs
% body fat – 41.2%

Not a pretty picture, but not entirely bleak, either.  I am determined to lose 35 lbs and get down to a size 10.  I’m not sure I can accomplish that in one year, but I hope this gets me on the right track to achieving my goal.

I sometimes wonder why I bother, why I don’t just sit back and enjoy my life as it is and stop worrying about my weight, my health — I eat pretty good, I get moderate amounts of exercise — it all just takes so much effort.  And then I bend over to tie my shoes and find myself gasping for breath.  I hate that.  The day I can bend over without feeling like my head’s going to explode will be a great day.


10 thoughts on “10 days in. . .

  1. Kath,

    I’m a long-standing carb addict. I love being reminded that sugar is a drug. Otherwise, I’ll go back to a level of consumption that is just not fair to my poor body. Here’s a great video that will show you why everything you are doing is soooo good for you:

    I hesitate saying this next sentence, but I have so much compassion for anyone taking action against sugar: Of course the sherry would make you feel better. Booze is loaded with sugar. The minute you feed the addiction, however, it just wants more. It is never satisfied – and you have to start all over again.

    1. Thanks Amy, I’ll check out the video. Although I’ve decided to cut out dessert I have not completely cut alcohol out of my diet. I am limiting myself though to a glass or two per week of wine or the ‘hard’ stuff. I’m just really having to think hard about what else I consume so that having that glass or two won’t totally negate my goal. I’m going to have to add that to future posts.

  2. Hey Kathy! Good for you!! I am also trying to lose the extra weight. My cousin and I have been walking 3 nights a week since the last week in November. Ofcourse it wasn’t the best time of year to start trying to get back into shape. LOL I am only down about 6lbs. so far, but I don’t think it’s so bad considering how poorly I ate during the last few weeks. We do about 5-6km a night, and I’m going to start using my Gazelle again this week. So fingers crossed, I will meet my goals. I am not as brave as you and could never post my weight online (kudos by the way!) My own husband does not even know my weight. LOL But I will say that I am looking to lose about 30lbs total, and 15 of them by the end of March. So I have another nine to go!
    I wish you luck with your challenge, I know I’m looking forward to feeling good about myself again. And maybe I will actually like shopping for clothing again! Maybe! LOL.


    1. Wow, 6 lbs, that’s great! Good luck to you, you will make your goal. The most important thing I’ve learned in my life so far is to always keep trying and to do things for yourself, not because of what other people might think. I invite you to keep checking back — I plan on posting about once a week — and add your own successes, if you like.

    1. thanks Cindy! I’m usually not this public about my weight loss goals, but I’m thinking I’ll be more committed if it’s out there for everyone to see.

  3. Hi Kathy….you need to stop saying the word DIET. It sends an immediate signal to your brain and all you can think about is food….I talk from experience.
    Low sugar is a great way to lose…once you get your sugar level right all the cravings disappear….good luck my friend.

    1. Thank you so much Granny. I’ve had a couple of ‘moments’ this week, but other than cheese cake on Landon’s birthday I made it through.

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