Sunday evening

Had a terrific weekend.  The surprise birthday party for Tim went off without a hitch — except I thought the guest of honour might not show up!

There I was with houseful of guests, many of them Tim’s friends from work — some of whom I barely knew — and my husband MIA.

He had gone to watch our granddaughter in a TaeKwonDo competition for the afternoon and I expected him home around 6:30.  Our son Landon was entrusted with getting him back here, but Tim certainly has a mind of his own and so decided he needed to go to Wal Mart, then needed a drink once they got back to Landon’s, then he needed to ‘relax’ and watch some TV — he can be very difficult to manage, I tell you!

When they finally got here at nearly 8 o’clock, he was rather perturbed because there was no place to park — he hadn’t clued in that all the cars in our driveway and lining the street were cars he should have recognized.  Needless to say, he was greatly surprised by all the noise coming from the house, and when his 3-year-old grandson handed him a flashing “it’s my birthday” sign.

We had a great time, nice to see old friends and make a few new ones.  I had cooked, chopped, sliced and diced practically all afternoon, but was still concerned I wouldn’t have enough food.  As it turned out it was just right.  We had a few leftovers, just enough to keep me from having to make supper tonight, so it was all good.

It had been ages since we’d last had a party.  I don’t think we’ll wait so long to have another.

Cheers to good times, good friends and family!

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