Easter Monday

Okay. . . here goes.

First, I had a wonderful weekend with my grandchildren.  3 children, 2 nights, 3 days and a ‘special’ weekend to boot!  Gramma and Grampa did okay.  We saw a movie — Rio! in 3D — I didn’t care for it, Hailey liked it, Timothy just kept saying “ooh, that’s close!”  We saw the Easter Bunny on Saturday afternoon — it was not as warm as it was supposed to be — only 8 degrees Celsius — so we didn’t last too long.  The kids had fun though.  Ethan found a puddle

Ethan and his puddle

and that was his main enjoyment.  Sunday, the Easter Bunny arrived and there was a mad rush around the house to find ‘eggs’.  It was all just too much fun.  We had our Easter dinner around 5 o’clock and then Landon, Jenn and my little pumpkin heads left for home around 7.  Grampa and I did huge exhale, surveyed the wreckage and then promptly plunked ourselves down for a well-deserved rest.

While plunked we watched The Amazing Race.  I was so upset that the cowboys, Jet and Cort, were eliminated last night.  They did not deserve to be gone this soon.  There was a lot of underhanded crap that went on — the other teams conspiring against them — Flight Time and Big Easy who were my second favorite team have just slipped to the bottom.  I think that from now on I’m going to root for Zev and Justin.  After all the cheese sauce Zev consumed in Austria he deserves to make it to the finals!

A remark on the Biggest Loser franchise — I am very disappointed in it.  However, I love the show The Biggest Loser.  This year is my first time watching it start to finish and I find the people competing on it amazing.  I’m in tears or close to tears nearly every week watching their struggles and their triumphs.  It is such an inspiration to watch these people change their lives.

The franchise leaves a lot to be desired, though.  I went on-line to check out the Biggest Loser website thinking I might be able to get some decent low-fat, low-cal recipes.  As it turns out you have to pay to join.  I nearly fell off my chair.  The message constantly given on the show is that they are invested in trying to help people change their lives, lose weight and adopt healthy living attitudes, and yet, the one vehicle available to most people, where they could get info to help them fight their problems is off-limits unless they can cough up $4/week.

I can easily afford the $4/week, but I won’t sign up.  I have all the diet and excercise information I can use, and then some.  But I just find it extremely hypocritical of a show that purports to be helping Americans fight obesity that they’ll only help those who can afford to pay for the help.  So, a big raspberry to The Biggest Loser franchise.

On the theme of diets. . . I have embarked on the Brown Rice Cleansing diet yet again.  I have been fighting some kind of bug since the middle of March.  It started with jaw pain and an earache, progressed to a bladder infection (thanks antibiotics!) that plagued me through my trip to Arizona, then another bladder infection a week after I got home, now I have canker sores under my tongue and now a cold (thank you, Ethan — Gramma still loves you).  Obviously my immunity is down, so I’ve got to get in to see my naturopath who is amazing, but in the meantime I’m going to set things to rights by getting rid of toxins, etc. by eating brown rice, fresh fruit and veggies for the next week.  No sugar, no salt, no fat, no processed foods.

The first time I tried this diet I thought I would die.  Now, I actually look forward to it.  Somehow, though, I don’t think the diet will be enough to solve my overall health problems.  I need some expert advice for that.  So, hopefully I can get in to see Dr. Richmond soon.  Sorry if all that was a little TMI.  Needed to get it off my chest.

I’ve got a busy week ahead so I hope I’ll be able to keep up with my blogging efforts.  I try to make it every day, but it’s a bit hit and miss at the moment.  Getting on to a computer this past weekend, for instance, simply wasn’t going to happen.  But I’m okay with that — my excuses were just too cute to ignore.

Well, I think that’s about it for now — have a great day everyone.


5 thoughts on “Easter Monday

  1. Happy Easter Monday! Sounds like you had a LOT of fun over the weekend and are probably still recovering! 😀

    Good luck on your Brown Rice Cleansing diet…I really need to go on some kind of diet too as a) I’m piling on the weight at the moment and b) my current food intake really is not as healthy as it should be….I’ll be giving “The Biggest Loser” website a miss though – I agree with your sentiments there.

    Have a great week xx

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Best of luck with the rice, you’re braver than me.
    (I can only see the top pics, can’t see Ethan and his puddle, there’s just a little red cross.)

  3. It doesnt get much easier than that…Biggest Loser has partnered with one of the highest quality meal delivery programs eDiets. Together with the Biggest Loser nutrition experts and doctors theyve created meals that will help you lose weight stay fit and learn healthy nutrition for a lifetime. I love the fact that the nutrition information is with the package and easy to read.

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