Halloween eve — wish I was going to be somewhere else

I survived my test.  It was worse than I could have imagined.But, I survived.

Starting to feel a little bit normal now.  Never made it to TH’s for that biscuit.  Couldn’t have eaten a thing.  When I got home I put on a pot of coffee and waited a little bit before scrambling some eggs and having a piece of toast.  Ate it only because I didn’t think 3 days of fasting would be a good thing.

Had a sleep this afternoon and I’m feeling considerably better.

Soon, the kids will be ringing the doorbell in the annual trick or treating extravaganza that Halloween is here in North America.

I am not a fan of Halloween.  Never was.  But, when my son was young I was a good sport and decorated the house and got made up (usually as a witch) to hand out candy or take him out to get his share.  Even as a kid myself, Halloween was not a time that I generally enjoyed.  Sure, getting the candy was okay, but really, I didn’t care that much.

Partly, I guess, because when we go home with it my father would rifle through it and take all the good stuff.  Well, maybe not all of it, but some for sure.  I hated that he got to lay claim to my booty before I did.  Now, I look back on that and shake my head at the snotty little brat I was.  I still would be left with this half-full pillowcase of candy, most of which I wouldn’t even eat.  My mother would eventually transfer our stash into jars or bowls up on the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard and eventually, we’d forget it was there.  How much ended up in the garbage I wonder?

Years later, I would repeat this exercise with my own son.  He’d go on a binge for a few days, and then I’d tell him I was putting it up so it would be safe.  Out of sight, out of mind.  There were times when I’d catch him scaling the cupboards to get at his loot, but for the most part he just stopped thinking about it.  Especially once all the really ‘good’ stuff was gone.

My rambling point about this is that I’ve never been keen on this door to door begging of candy.  It goes against everything we try to teach our kids — about not trusting strangers, about eating sensibly, about being selfish and gluttonous.  And yet. . .

. . . once a year we think it’s totally acceptable to spend ungodly amounts on costumes, to paint their little faces or hide them behind masks, to allow them to wander the streets and curry favour from complete strangers for a handful of candy, to let them eat mitts full of candy before bedtime and then take more of it to school with them the next day.  We will put up with bad behaviour associated with too much sugar and a lack of sleep all so they can have fun.

I’m as guilty as the next guy for taking part in this ‘tradition.’  And I continue to perpetuate it with my grandkids.  Just this afternoon I called them and wished them a Happy Halloween and told them I hoped they got lots of candy.  To not do so would make me be the weird Gramma.  Besides, their parents are sensible and won’t allow them to stay out to long (they’ll be with them, of course) and they’ll monitor closely how much candy they’re getting.

But in a couple of more years, the kids will be old enough to go out on their own and then?

There are kids I know, who are 13, 14 and 15 years of age who still go out trick or treating.  God, my own son was still doing it at 14.  Against my wishes, I might add.

So, what’s the point of this rambling diatribe?  I don’t really know, other than Halloween disturbs me.  Other than jack o’ lanterns.  They’re pretty cool.  Oh, and scary movies.  Kind of enjoy those, too.

Happy haunting.



Well, I’m starving.  It feels like to death.

Have been fasting since yesterday morning.  Because I have a yucky test to go through on Monday morning.

Can’t hardly wait to chew something.  All I think about is food.

Tea, jello, and broth, with a couple of cups of coffee thrown in for two days!

I know I’m whining, but I can’t help it.  Hopefully, I’ll have an appetite once this test is over with.  Because Tim Horton’s here I come.  Looking forward to an egg and sausage biscuit with a large coffee — two creams one sugar — thank you very much!

I know it is very shallow of me to complain about being hungry for a mere two days (especially when I’ve got lots of stuff to drink — I’m not going to fade away to nothing in 48 hours, after all)but boy, oh, boy does being this hungry ever make you feel powerless and weak.  It’s a bit sobering, actually.

It’s been a quiet weekend here at Casa Larson.  Tim went to his brother’s to help work on his garage.  (No my deck is still not finished.  He promises it will be, though.)  I asked the kids to stay away this weekend as I knew I wouldn’t be good company.  Also, I wouldn’t feel like cooking when I can’t have anything.  Selfish, I know.

So, I’ve spent time cleaning up my office, thinking about what I can write about for NaNoWriMo, purging files on my computer, thinking about what I can write about for NaNoWriMo, playing Solitaire on the computer, thinking about what I can write about for NaNoWriMo, watched the Music Man and part of Edward Scissorhands, thought  about what I can write about for NaNoWriMo, played Mah Jongg on the computer, thought about what I can write about for NaNoWriMo, complained to an empty house about being hungry, thought about what I can write about for NaNoWriMo, and so it has gone.

I still don’t have an idea yet.  Starting to wonder what I’m going to do come Tuesday morning.

I guess I’ll just keep thinking.

Oh boy, and with both feet, too!

Well, on impulse, I just signed up to take part in NaNoWriMo.

What have I done!

I procrastinate and procrastinate about writing all the time and now I have to commit myself to a month of writing daily.

I’ve heard about/read about NaNoWriMo before and always thought it would be an interesting exercise.  But I’ve never taken the plunge.  This morning I read a Freshly Pressed blog by a young woman who is doing this for her third time and something just came over me.

I googled the competition(is it a competition?) and bang!  signed right up.

What will my novel be about?  I’ve got 3 days to figure that out.  Also, a game plan.  And I think I definitely will need one of those.

How many words a day will I write?  When will I write them?  Hmm, seems like I won’t be on my blog space much, but I will try to post from time to time to let anyone who cares to know how I’m doing, (or, simply to let you know I’m still alive.)

Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Monday evening. . . and I’m tired

. . . but I think I’ll make some cookies!  Soft molasses drop cookies.  Because I’ve been thinking about molasses cookies for about 3 days now.

But, wait.  That was my husband just now on the phone.  He says the Northern Lights are putting on quite the display.  So, I think I’ll grab the camera and go out to get some shots.  Here’s hoping they turn out.

The cookies, I guess, will have to wait until tomorrow.

Probably for the best.

Today was a long day.  My Ford Edge had to go in for a check.  There’s an annoying squeak in the front end, and I’ve noticed a hesitation in the engine when I’m on the highway.  Never good.  So, the dealership called and said it’s something with the transmission.  They’ll need to have it for a couple of days.


So, I tell them they need to get me a car.  We live out of town, I don’t work in the town I live in, and, I’m busy every night this week.  Waterloo is good.  They arranged the rental for me, free of charge.  As it should be, as far as I’m concerned.  My Edge is only 1 and 1/2 years old, for crying out loud.

But, I had a meeting after work, so after begging a ride to that, the car rental company had to drive out to where I was to pick me up.  They did.  And happily.  I was very impressed.

Anyone ever needing to rent a car, definitely go with Enterprise.  They were very obliging and professional and went out of their way to be helpful.

The Northern Lights didn’t pan out.  Sorry.  By the time we found a good spot for taking pictures they had lost most of their lustre.  Damn.  Hopefully, later this evening they’ll be bright again and I can go out and try to get some shots from the field across from our house.

The appliance repair guy is supposed to be coming by tomorrow to take photos of my damaged floor.  Now, I’m beginning to doubt whether there was any point in complaining.  It’s doubtful they’ll do anything about it.  But, I suppose I won’t know unless I carry through.  So carry through I will.

Wish me luck.

It’s 8:38 now.  And all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep.  Think I’ll have a cup of tea first, though.



I’m attempting to get back to a normal routine.  And so. . .

can anyone tell me why the main WordPress page hasn’t changed in over a week?  Usually, there are new Freshly Pressed sites at least every other day.  This past week?  Nothing has changed.

I am posting a couple of shots I took in my garden yesterday.  One is a giant Liguleria leaf — it caught my eye as I walked up the driveway, and I thought:  Okay, that made me smile.  So, go get the camera.  Then I had a moment of:  I should just keep trudging into the house and stay feeling miserable, but then I gave myself a mental shake and told myself to stop being ridiculous.  It’s time to get on with it.

Things change.  That’s the reality.  Life, however, will just keep on unfolding as it always has and always will.  I can keep my eyes and my heart open to what change will bring or I can put blinders on and hobble myself with futile thoughts of what I wished was true.

And, with that

I give you these pictures of simple beauty from my yard.  The geraniums just don’t have enough sense to quit — I admire that immensely.

Fields in the Fall, October 2011

Here are some pictures I took this weekend of the fields around Bon Accord, County of Sturgeon and County of Westlock.  Just to give you an idea of how beautiful it can be in this lovely season.  I took them between 5;30 and 6:45 in the evening.

I played around with the colour in some of them, because one thing I did learn in my solitary photography class a few weeks ago is that the colour captured by digital cameras will never be as good as what we used to get with roll film.  So, going in to tweak the colour is not cheating.  It’s representing what your eye saw.  Hopefully, you like what mine saw.

Tuesday afternoon

. . . feeling a bit Moody Blue.

Lots going on right now, some of it hurting my heart.  But, I have faith, and where there is love all will be well.

I’m home sick this afternoon.  Got a chest cold.  Sounds like I have a deep, sexy voice.  Unfortunately I do not feel sexy.  I just feel awful.

Because I am home sick, I was able to contact the appliance repair people and have them come during the morning to fix my fridge.  So, now, supposedly, my year-old fridge will keep a proper temperature.  However, I noticed, right after the repair man left, a tear in my linoleum.

I want to be upfront about this.  My floors are old.  The lino is at least 25 years old.  It’s got nicks and scratches and marks after that many years.  But, it did not have any great gashes in it.  I try, really hard to take good care of my home.  It’s not always the tidiest place on earth, but it is always clean.

I take care when I’m doing my weekly wash of the kitchen floor to remove any really bad marks and I only use mild cleaners like ammonia or vinegar diluted in water to wash them.  Therefore, despite their age and the odd mark here and there, the floors look pretty good.

We’ve been talking about the need to replace the flooring but have it marked down as something to do in about five years.  Seeing as our priority right now is the outside of what we lovingly refer to as “the boondocks”.   So, I’m prepared to baby my floors just than much longer.

Now, with this big gash in the floor, in an extremely high-traffic area I don’t know how well it will hold up.

I called the repair shop right away to let them know and they said they’d have the ‘technician’ call me back.  Curious as to what exactly I could expect when he did call, I called Sears corporate offices to find out.  They told me he would take pictures and submit a claim through their insurance.   They gave me a confirmation number and said goodbye.

The repair man called.  He denies there was a tear in the floor.  Says he would have pointed it out to me if he had done it.  I said, well, I didn’t notice it when you were here, either.  I noticed it when I went to get something from the fridge.  My toe caught on it.  I told him I’d already called Sears and what they said he would do. He said he’d have to wait to hear from them.

So now I sit and wait.  And waffle between feeling guilty for making a fuss over a 25-year-old floor and feeling entirely justified in making my complaint.  It is, after all, the only kitchen floor I’ve got.  And, despite its age, I still rather like it.

I am hoping this situation is resolved quickly and amicably.  What the resolution will be I have no clue.  What would be reasonable?  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Stuff like this makes me crazy.

A deck update:  Tim and Landon spent a day and a half getting the deck foundation all completed.  Now, Tim is at the ‘blocking’ stage and hopefully, tonight he’ll be able to start putting the actual deck boards on!  Am I excited?  You bet your sweet bippy I am!  Of course, the lower half of the deck is going to have to wait for Spring, but I’m good with that.  This upper half will satisfy my deck longing for now.

Thanksgiving, a poem

©KLarson 2011

All rights reserved


It’s Thanksgiving weekend.
Here in Canada.

A quiet time of family
and turkey dinners,
table games and catching
the last glory of Fall,
pretending that the snow
won’t come, but feeling
its  icy kiss brush your cheek
as you kick through fallen leaves
while holding  tight to the hand
of someone you love.

It’s a time for last weekends
at the lake, last hikes on trails
gone to gold from green;
a time for Northern Lights
and sitting around a fire under
a big dark sky. It’s trail rides
and one more time out on the boat;
it’s driving dusty country roads
in search of one perfect tree,
one the winds haven’t
yet stripped naked of autumn’s splendor,
for that ever elusive family photo,
the one that there’s always
next year for.  And,
if this is not the year, no matter;
the heart will capture what
needs remembering.

It’s Thanksgiving.
Here, in Canada.