So, another Monday morning. . .

Heather and I walked in total darkness this morning.  Not even a hint of sunrise on the horizon as we headed out at 6:30.  Ah, well at least there was no wind.  And, the temp was quite mild.  I did, however, wear gloves.

Our conversation this morning, or one of our conversations, was about food.  She was describing a birthday meal she’d made for a friend and how the friend had been amazed that she knew all her favorite foods.  The friend then confessed that she didn’t know what Heather’s favorite foods would be.  To which Heather replied that neither could she.

This got me thinking about what my favorite food(s) might be.  And the closest I could come would be: Mediterranean, maybe European.  Anything robust and full of flavour.  Italian food rich with tomatoes and herbs, or Greek — heavy on the feta, lemon and oregano, please.  Then there are other dishes like paella and frittatas and soups and stews and braised beef ribs and slow-roasted pork roasts and rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and homemade bread and, and, and.  Whole salmon barbecued with fresh garden potatoes, and asparagus.  Fish tacos. Lovely salads made with delicate butter lettuce, or the salad a friend made this summer of fresh grated beets and mixed greens with a wonderful, light vinagrette.  Or, Kathy’s yummy mandarin orange salad with the candied sliced almonds.

It all makes my mouth water.  We decided that it’s impossible to define a ‘favorite’ food.  We like it all!  As Heather said her husband jokingly intoned”  “Is it moving?  If it isn’t, she’ll eat it.”  Perhaps, I’m in that category, too. Though, I do have my limitations.

I am not a lover of organ meats — no liver, heart, kidneys or tripe, thank you very much.  Same for brains, eyeballs and tongues.  I suppose, if I was in desperation I would resort to eating those things, but while I have a choice I’ll opt for muscle.

If I didn’t have to leave now to get ready for work, I think this could go on for a long, long time.  Food.  It’s what moves us, some of us, in more ways than just fuel.