NaNoWriMo — Day 1

Well, I met my word quota for day 1 — 1676 words.  207 of them written before work this morning, the rest this evening.

I just started typing this morning and before I knew it I had a story.

Will it sustain itself for 50 000 words?  I don’t know.  I hope so.

So far, I like what I’ve got.  It’s rough, for sure, but my character feels real and that’s a good thing.

I plan on carrying my idea journal around with me so that I can jot notes about characters, plot, situations, etc. as they come to me.  As I did no planning before hand, I think this could be very important to my story development as the month goes by.

Writing those 1676 words was a joy.  Will I be saying that 10 000 words from now?

Hee, hee, hee.  This is a mad adventure!