Saturday, watching Dexter

I saw something very sad tonight — a young man was walking with what I can only assume was his daughter — she looked to be about 3 or 4 years old.  What was sad was that he was paying absolutely no attention to the little girl, because he was texting on his phone.

What does this say about our younger generation of parents and the generations coming up behind them?

I see this all the time — mothers with their young children in malls or parks or walking down the street; fathers pushing strollers or grocery carts or sitting in restaurants — their kids neglected while they either talk on their phones or text on the things.

In Alberta we have enacted a distracted driving law to keep people from using their mobile hand-held devices while driving.

How about a distracted parenting law?  So that kids can grow up feeling and knowing that they’re more important than the ping or notice on Mom or Dad’s phone, i-pod, or Blackberry.


2 thoughts on “Saturday, watching Dexter

  1. I live by the city schools and play grounds. It seems like a huge per cent of people, children and adults “need” to walk talking or texting, not paying attention.
    Am in agreement with you that it is a sad commentary on parenting when parents are so distracted…it’s no wonder their children do the same.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  2. Kath, this has been a sore point with me from the time cell phones came into existence. I see children bursting with wonder and the parent is simply not present to answer questions, to share awe or to just simply BE with the little human being.

    It is heartbreaking.

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