It’s Tuesday and I’m at 14,042 words

I’m kind of surprising and scaring myself here a little.  I’m a bit ahead of myself on the word count, which is great, but I’m beginning to wonder if my story will hold together for 50, 000 words.

Time will tell.

Right now I think the thing is getting kind of boring — I’m going to have to start jazzing things up a bit.  This is a rough draft after all.  Later on, I’ll need to sit down and really go over it with a critical eye .

But, you know what?  Mainly, I’m having fun.

This has got me thinking about all the other stuff I’ve written and that if I can sit down each night/day and pound out close to 2000 words then I can revise and resubmit some of what I’ve written and let collect dust for all these years.

I love writing.  I don’t know why I never pursued it as a way to make a living.  Well, I did once, for a short time.  And I was doing okay, until I hit a bump, lost my confidence and decided to do something safe.  Ah well, lessons in life.

So, here I am, half my life over, thinking that maybe it’s not too late.

Never give up on your dreams.  How often do we hear those words?  How many of us actually listen to them?

Thank you NaNoWriMo for the opportunity to try.

Sunday, and I just blew past 10000 words!

Wow!  Didn’t think I could do this, honestly.  Have never written anything longer than say 2500 – 3000 words, and that was for one of my literature courses.

I am thoroughly enjoying this process.  My characters are becoming a little more real every day.  And I’m wondering what’s going to happen next.

But I know I have to pace myself or I’ll lose focus.

Which leads me to make a comment about some of the other nanomowriters.  Some have got 30000+ words already!  Yee, gods, that’s a lot of writing!  I am muy, muy impressed.

I’m still waiting for them to put up the word count thingy, until then I’ll just keep updating my novel stats to post the increase in my word count.

Just want to give a shout out to those who come here faithfully and cheer me on.  It really means a lot!

Saturday night, well, actually it’s Sunday morning

Or is it?  We’ve got to fall back tonight.  So it’s really only 11:17 p.m., not 12:17 a.m.  I’ve just finished writing about 1/2 hour ago.  Then went to update my word count on the NaNoWriMo site.


Yep, that’s right.  Seven thousand eight hundred and forty-two words.  And I was looking after my youngest grandson tonight.

I thought, momentarily, of not doing any writing at all, but once I had him in bed and had some of the toys picked up and his dirty clothes put away I thought “why not?”  I’ll get to far behind if I don’t   So right now I think I’m about 500 words short of where I should be, but I’m not sweating it.

The fact that I’m writing upwards of  1000 words a day is, to me, amazing.

Is my story more than just a bunch of words vomited on to the page?  I think so, but it’s going to need some major work when I’m done.

That is going to be the scary part.  Will I have anything worth trying to turn into something?

Oh, Lord, I’m tired.  I don’t even think that made sense.

So, good night.

Here’s to Daylight Saving Time.

Day 3 — I’m at 4158 words

I had company for supper and wasn’t able to get to my writing until 9:30.  I almost didn’t do any writing at all, telling myself I was too tired, I needed to get to bed.

But. . .

. . . I gave myself a good virtual shake, told myself to stop being a wimp and just open up the document that contains my as yet untitled story.

So, I didn’t make my daily word count of 1667 words.  Instead, I wrote 796.  And then I said “I’m tired.  I need to go to bed.”

I’ll revise my daily word count tomorrow and I’ll make sure I hold to it.  Actually, I’m hoping to surpass my daily word count on the weekend.  Don’t ask why, I’m weird that way.

I’m so proud of myself for deciding to write instead of sleep.

NaNoWriMo — Day 1

Well, I met my word quota for day 1 — 1676 words.  207 of them written before work this morning, the rest this evening.

I just started typing this morning and before I knew it I had a story.

Will it sustain itself for 50 000 words?  I don’t know.  I hope so.

So far, I like what I’ve got.  It’s rough, for sure, but my character feels real and that’s a good thing.

I plan on carrying my idea journal around with me so that I can jot notes about characters, plot, situations, etc. as they come to me.  As I did no planning before hand, I think this could be very important to my story development as the month goes by.

Writing those 1676 words was a joy.  Will I be saying that 10 000 words from now?

Hee, hee, hee.  This is a mad adventure!