Sunday morning

If I had any understanding at all of what it is to be a bear — and I don’t — I’d have to say that right now I feel like one.

I spent yesterday burrowed in my den reading, baking bread, doing a little nest-cleaning, but generally moving as little as possible.  I didn’t crack the door on the outside world even once.  It was heavenly.

Tim and I must go out today, though.  Unlike bears we cannot live off our stores of body fat.  Too bad!  And, truthfully, it will do us some good to get the arms and legs moving, shake the cobwebs off our brains.

Winter, much as I hate it, is a reality, and it has finally come to us.  Better to accept it and embrace what traces of enjoyment I can find in it.  The Ice on Whyte Festival winds up today.  We have never been, and seeing as the temp is going to be a balmy minus 15 Celsius today, I think we’ll go take in the splendors of ice-carving.

A picture from last winter -- nothing's changed -- cold is cold is cold.

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