I could just scream!

I just finished writing a review of The Hunger Games Trilogy, and then, when I went to publish it vanished!  There aren’t enough swears in the universe to justify my frustration right now!  ARRRRRRGH!

5 thoughts on “I could just scream!

  1. What’s odd is that it published the title and the tags but not the text. Weird. I’ll have to re-edit and see if I can recall all the wonderful words I had yesterday!

  2. Oh, my gosh, I feel totally sorry for you! That would be so so bad, madly frustrating.

    I haven’t seen the Hunger Games, but am curious. I would have appreciated reading it. Will you try again?

  3. Thanks everybody — appreciate the sympathy! That’s never happened to me before, so couldn’t quite believe that it had. I’m going to try and repost now.

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