Wednesday morning, it’s chilly but. . .

. . . we were promised a high of 17 degrees today!

I really debated about breaking out the capri’s this morning, but I think I’ll hold off for a week or so.  For the time being I’ll go sockless or in sandals.  Oh, and I’ll wear short sleeves, too.

I’m kind of in a funny place right now.  I’ve been spending a lot of time spring-cleaning my house and just trying to get back to a more settled way of life.

What that has amounted to really, is me sleeping a lot.  I’ve been incredibly tired for the last week or so and though I’ve pushed myself through it and got a lot of stuff accomplished, I find that by nine o’clock I’m pretty much done in.  And then, trying to drag my hiney out of bed in the morning?  What a chore that is.

It’s probably just the weather, the change in seasons; I only hope it passes soon.

On the writing side of things:  my novel is going nowhere.  I have, in fact, abandoned it for the moment.  I did, however, begin a new children’s book.  And I’ve surfed out some contests that I could enter.  If I get up the energy.

Perhaps a big part of my problem is the fact that we’ve had a great deal of time off from work the past month.  A week at the end of March (our Spring Break), followed by two four-day work weeks because of the Easter holiday.  Then, added to that I was away at a convention for nearly a week prior to Spring Break.

I sort of get into this fantasy world of what it would be like to be able to be at home every day, and then, when it ends I’m left a little confused and disoriented.  It’s a bit of a struggle for a few days to get back into the routine of leaving the house for work.  Prepping the coffee the night before.  Making sure my lunch is ready.  Leaving enough time to iron a blouse, put on makeup, straighten my hair.

I so much prefer just waking up and padding about the house quietly with a cup of coffee in my hand, trying to find the brightest patch of sunlight to curl up in while I sit and ponder the day ahead.

It was nice while it lasted.

Have a great day everyone — and don’t work too hard.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday morning, it’s chilly but. . .

  1. There are times when it’s important to just bliss out – the world can buggar off!

    I watched War Horse, Kath, and it nearly killed me. Like you, I cried my eyes out, but you should have heard my language when the German soldiers were shouting orders! In fact, I had to fast forward parts of it.

    Cruelty to animals is right up there with child abuse in my heart. Completely unacceptable! It’s extremely difficult for me to watch such action for entertainment… I feel the same about stories of racism.

    I have the soft Irish heart – that turns to steel if another being is threatened.

    Anyway, I hope you are refreshed amongst all the changed routines.

  2. It is a good movie, but I won’t ever watch it again. Some movies, like The Black Stallion, I’ll watch every time it’s on TV. I would have loved to hear you cursing those damned Germans!

  3. Kathy, I am where you are: a teacher at the end of the break. If I could find a way to work at home, I would. Life is just too short to while it away in stressful situations…however: all the best as you and I change gear once again.

  4. I trust that your energy levels will rise soon, Kathy. Mine were low earlier in the year and I just had to give in and do nothing – not as easy as it sounds! Good luck with your children’s book! 🙂

  5. Your projects sound exciting! I also believe it is ok to pick things up and put them down again. I hope your low energy levels are nothing serious…? Having the working routine disrupted (but not fully) can make you feel all at odds perhaps. Half-on, half-off leaves you also feeling ‘somewhere in the middle’ where it can be quite hard to feel motivated.

    How funny I should read in the comments here about War Horse – I started watching it a couple of weeks ago! I fell asleep just as the horse was taken by the army (it was very late!) and thought I wanted to continue but now I’m not so sure… I adore horses – is it going to be really upsetting?

    Hope you feel zippy again soon! 🙂

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