Starry Night

In response to Viewfromtheside’s weekly prompt.

Starry Night

If there was a way to touch the sky,
Would I?

Those stars that shine so bright
From where I stand gazing
in rapt wonder, would their brilliance
hold once captured?

To walk a million lifetimes gone
beneath the light of the unknown
breathes magic into my day,
makes treading earth light, fantastic.

That light I see, I’ve been told,
does not exist; was extinguished eons
ago.  Is nothing but a trick
of time and space.

I prefer to be bedazzled, to hear music
in the stars, to believe that winged horses
and star-crossed lovers live enchanted lives,
That for one brief and shining moment

So can I.


©KLarson 2012

All rights property of Kathy Larson


18 thoughts on “Starry Night

  1. Beautiful! This reminds me of dark nights, when my stepfather would take me outside to look at the stare, explaining how far away they were, how long it took the light to reach us and how they were extinct by the time we could see them ~ mind bending for a child! So I just love the last verse. I agree with you, Kathy! 🙂

  2. Very lovely. You know, as soon as you say ‘starry night’, I can see it. This is a beautiful poem.

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