January 30th

Day 30 — It was a little warmer today — only – 21, and, the sun was shining.  Oh, and the snow we were forecast didn’t materialize.


January 29th

Day 29 — Today was quite likely the coldest day of our winter so far.  – 26° C for a high.  Brr!  But, I am grateful for Command Start — I didn’t have to run outside to start my car during the day.  Others did — I pitied them.

January 28th

Day 28 — My beautiful granddaughter’s 8th birthday!  She’s growing up so fast.  She got an i-Pod and was absolutely thrilled.  I guess the Barbies are starting to get forgotten.

In response to Sethsnap’s Your Story photo/writing prompt: Keep Out

Keep OUt

by Kathy Larson

Who was it
first uttered those
words? Keep out.
They’re not nice.
No way
how you say them,
how you dress them up.
They’re loneliness
like a bare-branched-tree-lined
lane in winter.  with a
sign crucified lopsided
neat black letters on
hunter yellow:  KEEP OUT!
It catches the eye, draws you on,
draws you in, begs your attention.
Keep Out?
Who was it first
uttered those words?  What
was it they needed
they craved, they suffered
so much for
they couldn’t connect,
couldn’t say
couldn’t tell
they were
only with:
Keep out.


All Rights Reserved
No copying without permission of the author.

January 27th

Day 27 — A lovely day again.  Slept in, croissant with chocolate for breakfast, coffee and irish cream.  Heaven.

January 26th

Day 26 — A beautiful, sunny day.  Woke up, read Anna Karenina for a bit, then headed out to run errands.  Lines at Costco weren’t as bad as I had anticipated.  Yea!

Jan. 25th

Day 25 — A good day.  Went and looked after the kids for a bit while their mother went grocery shopping.  Got a little bit of one on one time with my own kid.

January 24th

Day 24 — Well, it’s official — I have the job!  Start date set for Feb. 6th.  It will be hard to say goodbye to Gibbons.  Ah, well, as David Bowie sang:  ch-ch-ch-changes. . .

Went to see The Hobbit last night.  Enjoyed it, but not the 3D.  I have become a firm detractor of 3D movies.

January 23rd

Day 23 — a quiet day at home from work.  Slept until 11:30.  Woke up feeling much better and just took it easy for the whole day.  Batteries needed re-charging, I guess.

Jan. 22nd

Day 22 — a trip down memory lane today — Tim and I took Timothy to a hockey game in Josephburg.  Reminded me of the days when Landon was small and we spent our evenings in hockey arenas.  Nice arena in Jburg — heated!

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