It’s melting, it’s melting. . .!

We have a sort of pergola over our front entrance and in winter snow gets get up there on the beams.  It can be kind of treacherous walking underneath if the snow decides to follow gravity’s rule — more than once I’ve got a bunch of snow plopped on me.  Generally, we try and knock it down, but Tim thought it would be ‘fun’ to let it be.

With the warmer temps the past few days the snow has been melting and it’s created these fascinating sculptures up there above our heads, so I decided to take a few pictures.

Hope you enjoy them.


One thought on “It’s melting, it’s melting. . .!

  1. I love to watch snow change shapes as it melts…thanks for sharing your photos…I was just this am taking photos of how the snow melted on the tree outside a window this morning…it has been so cold, it has stayed and melted instead of falling off.
    Thanks for sharing..watching for falling icicles….that is the peril right now here.

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