March 21

Day 80 – the last day of work before Spring Break.  Had another snow storm to contend with, the worst one yet.  Just grateful that everyone I love and care for was safe and sound on a day when many others weren’t.

March 20th

Day 79 — First day of Spring–hah!  But, at least it’s here.  Days are longer, you can feel the change in the air.

A bit of a disappointment today — the kids couldn’t come for dinner as planned because they’re all sick.  But nice of them to stay away so Tim and I don’t catch it.  Not with the Break coming up.

Silver lining — my sister in law Michelle called with an offer of a free ticket to go see Billy Elliot.  Couldn’t refuse!  Have been wanting to see the show, and an evening with her was long overdue.  Unfortunately, neither of us was really impressed with the show — for some reason it comes off very flat and emotionless, for a story that’s supposed to be so full of the joy and spirit of life and following your dreams.  Ah, well, it was still worth it.


March 17th

Day 76 — St. Patrick’s Day.  Didn’t celebrate.  But I did sleep in — until 10:30.  Have been fighting a cold for a few days — I think the extra sleep helped, because I’m feeling almost 100%.  Tim and I spent a quiet day shoveling the driveway (want to laugh out loud at that!)  and I washed floors and did laundry — the usual Sunday chores.  But, it was gloriously sunshiny while we were outside and I felt glad that we got out and got a bit of exercise in the fresh air.

March 16th

Day 75 — There’s something about writing Day 75 — seems somehow momentous.  But, really, it wasn’t.  Unless you count my driving in a snowstorm to the far-flung south of Edmonton to go have an infrared slimming body wrap.  And though I had a couple of bad moments on the highway, I have to say the experience was definitely worth it.  The girls at Total Body FX treated me like a queen.  And that wrap!  It was the most relaxing thing I’ve ever done.  I dropped another pound and half because of it, too.  I think once I reach my next weight-loss goal I’m going to treat myself to another one.

March 15th

Day 74 — Ah, finally at Friday.  It was a busy week; running to and from the dentist, shopping, working and just generally trying to stay ahead of the game.  Went out for dinner with my friend Kathy for supper.  Original Joes in the Fort.  Food is always fantastic.  We had a great time just chatting and laughing.  And the mud pie we shared?  To fricking die for!  Calorie wise a disaster, but worth every yummy bite.

March 14th

Day 73 — Once again, a few days behind.  Let’s see, Thursday . . . the snow hadn’t started yet, that was a good thing.  No, wait — it had.  We were supposed to go play racquetball and I didn’t want to go because the roads were terrible (or getting terrible, anyway.)  Luckily (for us, not Deb) she called to say they’d have to cancel because she’d hurt her neck.  So we stayed home and played a few games of cards, instead.  Nice.

March 13th

Day 72 — An interesting, rather productive day.  A long one, too.  After work was done I had to go back to the dentist.  Seems things can never go right the first time for me when I get dental work done. Oh, no, no, no — not me. Hopefully, I don’t need to make a return trip.  Then, I went shopping!  Found another cute dress. Yes!  And only $24 at Superstore. Can’t beat that — cheap fashion.