The Spring That Wasn’t — April 2013

Here are some pictures of today, April 29th.

April showers bring May flowers. . .well not when it won’t quit snowing.

April 29th

Day 120 — Okay, I’m going to try and be as positive as I possibly can about today.  But it’s gonna be tough.  Because we were hit with yet another blizzard today!  Seriously, enough is enough.  Here’s my positive spin — at least there will be more moisture in the ground when and if it ever gets warm enough for things to start growing.  There!


April 28th

Day 119 — A nice drive home from Calgary.  We stopped for breakfast before leaving and didn’t have to stop again until we got home.  Tim drove so I got to sit back and enjoy the scenery.  Not that there was much to see.  Everything is brown and dirty because we’ve had no rain yet — and — there’s still snow laying in the fields and ditches.  But, we had a nice time away and I’m thankful for that.

April 27th

Day 118 — In Calgary for an AEEC meeting.  Tim came with me.  It’s been a nice little mini-break.  Last night we went to Famoso Pizza over on 104 St. and 23 Ave.  We were both a little let down.  Our experience at any of the FP’s in Edmonton has always been exemplary. Here, it was mediocre.  Can’t say why.  It’s certainly not a rivalry thing.  We both like Calgary, it was just a feeling that something was missing.  And for whatever reason the pizza was just not as good as what we’re used to.  Still, we enjoyed ourselves.  Today, I spent attending the meeting and Tim went to a comic expo.  He couldn’t get in because it was sold out, but he hung around and took pictures of many of the people dressed in costumes who were able to get tickets.  We decided to go back to 104 St. tonight.  We wound up in a Rose and Crown Pub.  Had a great beer and a run of the mill steak sandwich. Two ‘date’ nights in one weekend — I love it.

April 25th & 26th

Day 116 and 117 — Thursday and Friday.   They dragged.  For some reason, since we got back from our holiday I always feel like I’m one day ahead. It’s awful come Wednesday because I feel it should be Thursday.  And then Thursday I wake up with the hopeful feeling that it’s Friday.  It’s more than a little disconcerting.  There are only 2 months left in this work year, I’m going to do my absolute best to get myself attuned to the work week.  Or, it’s gonna be one helluva long haul.

April 24th

Day 115 — I saw swans winging there way in a sunny blue sky this morning.  It made me smile.  I wished I could chase after them, but I was on my way to work.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to not have to get up and go to work every day.  But the Universe has yet to bless me with enough money to make that a reality.  I’ll just have to keep believing that one day it will be so.

April 23rd

Day 114 — The Spring sunshine shone for half a day today!  Rejoice!  Then it looked like it was going to snow — again.  But!  it didn’t.  It just never warmed up as much as it was supposed to.  I guess the upside is that the melt is very slow and that is a good thing.  The moisture is going deep into the ground — not being blown away on the wind.  I just want some green!  Please!

April 21st

Day 112 — Spent the morning relaxing after the partying the night before.  Rick and Connie stayed for the rest of the weekend and we had a nice visit.  Went up to WEM and then for dinner and a couple of hours at the casino.  Only Connie was the lucky one.  Didn’t stay too long — I had to work the next day.  Sigh.