Memory Jar Update — March 23rd – April 1st

Day 82 thru 92 —  It was Spring Break.  Finally.  We left for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  PV was wonderful — warm breezes, lots of sunshine, friendly people and ocean.  We took a tour of the city, old and new — a great way to get comfortable with a new place — I do this now (or try to, anyway) whenever I go somewhere new.  The tour included a trip into the Sierra Madres to see a tequila factory.  Unfortunately, they were between harvests of agave and we didn’t get to see how it was made.  They showed us around, explained how it was done and then provided us with a tasting of five different kinds of tequila.  Who knew I would become a big fan of tequila!

We went out for a day of sailing on a sailboat — what an exhilarating experience that was.  Dolphins swam by and under the boat — that was magical.  I don’t know what it’s called but at one point the boat was practically vertical in the water.  I did not enjoy that experience much and stayed cowered on the upright side clinging as tightly as I could to the rail.  I think it was because they were turning into the wind, but all I know is that I was glad when we became level again.  We stopped and anchored off of Las Caletas beach and went for a swim in the ocean (me with a life jacket, of course).  Tim, a good, strong swimmer swam to the beach for a look around.  The current in the ocean there was quite strong; I’m sure I could never have made it.  They served us lunch on board — that was something I’d like to do again — eating, talking, laughing with the sun shining down, the soft ocean breezes caressing your skin and in the background the sound of the ocean gently lapping at the sides of the boat.  And all the while you’re being rocked gently back and forth.  Incredible.  On the return trip I spotted some big plumes of water in the distance.  The crew told us it was a mother humpback and her calf.  They had stayed behind when all the other whales had left and this was somewhat of a concern to everyone.  I had hoped we’d come closer to where they were, but did not.

Tim went scuba-diving.  Got two more dives in; made him very happy.  BUT, the great thing was — they saw the whales on their trip!  Came very close to them.  He got some great video of the baby breaching and the mother swimming along side.  The crew followed them for a little while, but said it was illegal to do so and also would upset the whales, so they turned away.  I wish I had gone along for the ride that day!  Now, we’re planning our next trip for a couple of weeks earlier in March so that we can go on a whale watching tour.  Apparently, the humpbacks go to PV to mate and give birth.  How amazing would it be to witness that?!

The rest of our time we spent sitting by the ocean or going for walks into town and along the Malecon.  PV is a very tourist-friendly town.  The locals are friendly and helpful and taking a bus or a cab is inexpensive and easy.  The restaurants are good — we chose not to do the all-inclusive thing at our resort this time and ate several of our meals in local restaurants.  They were all good — even the cheap ones.  We asked a lot of questions and were always given good advice.

My only complaint about our trip is that no matter where you go someone is always trying to sucker you into going to a presentation at some resort.  We got taken once — but it wasn’t too bad — a beautiful place, free breakfast and half-price reductions for all the things we wanted to do, plus a free bottle of tequila.  But, that was it, I was only going to waste my time once.  Even when I went into art galleries along the Malecon — where I was fully prepared to buy something — we were hassled.  So, I didn’t buy anything.  I understand that this is how many of these people make their living, or supplement their incomes, but I found it very annoying.  The good thing is it drove us away from the tourist traps into the quieter streets of PV.  Here we found some lovely galleries where the owners took time to explain the history of the place and the culture of the art.  I wound up buying a piece of Huichole art from a street vendor, whose family lives up in the mountains and they make the pieces as part of their family tradition.

Our trip ended all too soon and back home we headed.  To make a long story short we wound up arriving home a day later than scheduled.  I went without sleep for something like 35 hours.  It was not a fun experience.  But the WestJet staff were helpful and understanding and when we finally made it to Calgary WestJet put us up in a hotel and provided us with meal vouchers.  Unfortunately, we were too tired to eat and so they went to waste.

Despite the sight of snow and the chilly breezes that greeted us when we stepped out of the airport I was glad to be home.



  1. souldipper said,

    April 7, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    Well, you pulled off a smart move to get away from w-e-a-t-h-e-r! Bucerias is a location where many islanders from here frequent. They love it and I can see why!

    • klrs09 said,

      April 8, 2013 at 6:59 am

      Next time we plan our vacation we want to go for two weeks. One in PV and the other in Bucerias. Although I was too scared to swim to the beach it looked like a little piece of quiet heaven on the edge of the ocean. We met a few people who had stayed there and they all said how much they enjoyed it.

      And, though our experience in Comox wasn’t a great one, the little we saw of it has made us think we should travel back for a visit and check out the area. Beautiful!

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