May 1st

Day 122 — May 1st.  It hit a balmy 12 degrees today.  Still, I’d rather that than what we had on Monday.  I know that Spring is truly here now.  I saw and heard a massive flock of cranes today.  I was on a short walk in Morinville and suddenly I heard their beautiful, soft trilling overhead.  I looked up.   And nearly cried.  They are so amazing to watch and listen to.  Spring really is here now.  It really is.

The Sun in It’s Jealous Sky

The following post was supposed to be published on Sunday night — apparently I saved it as a draft, instead.  Never did that before, so don’t know if it was my fault or WordPress did a random on me again.  Anyway, here it is a few days late. . .

I’m borrowing from Sting tonight — the sun was glorious as it was going down tonight.  Of course, the colours are not exactly as I saw them — need to download Adobe again and learn how to correct the colours.  But, I want to share these anyway.  So, here you go — a beautiful prairie summer sky.

Random photos

First off, apologies to Dan Juraks, whose blog I subscribe to, for not having the quality of photos he posts.  I’m learning.