June 13th

Day 165 — Apparently, I was a little too optimistic about my recovery from this flu.  There was no return to work yesterday.  And not today, either.  I am continuing to feel better, though, so there is that.  I’ll be back on Monday — for sure.

Yesterday was my middle grandson’s birthday.  Timmy turned 6.  I amazed at how much he has grown and blossomed in the last year.  An incredible child — glad I could be there to share in his day.


January 19th

Day 19 — Got a lovely new haircut, feeling like a new woman.  Supper at the Keg to celebrate my brother’s 5oth birthday.  My, we’re all getting old(er)!

Day 4 — Not feeling the pain, yet

Yesterday was actually pretty easy.  Took all the chocolate to work.  Was not tempted to sneak one.  Yay!

Totally ignored the pile of cookies and chocolates in the staff room.  Got some strange looks when I explained why I wasn’t snarfing them down.  Chewed on a handful of dry, honey roasted peanuts.  Had a moment of feeling smug then realized break was over.  The tough part about being back at work — regulated breaks.  Huge sigh.

Am trying to decide what I’ll choose this month to spend my one goodie on — Pie Day this weekend with the girls, my son’s 30th birthday, or my granddaughter’s 6th birthday.  So far, my son’s birthday is coming up the favorite.  It’s next Wednesday.  Pie Day is this Saturday.  Hailey’s birthday is the end of the month.  Landon’s birthday is the halfway mark, but more than that, it’s such a milestone I feel I should celebrate it with him.  By eating cheesecake.  That I’ll make.  With strawberries.

I think I’ve just convinced myself!