Vancouver takes the lead in 11 seconds! Burrows, Burrows he’s our man!

The hero of tonight's game -- Alexandre Burrows. Photo courtesy of Canucks

Oh dear God in heaven!  The Canucks took game 2.

I have to admit that going into this game I did not believe we would win it.  Just too much pressure coming off of game 1, the whole Burrows finger biting escapade, and Boston being really hungry for a win.  It just felt like the deck was stacked against a second win.

Boy, was I wrong!  And glad to be.

Say what you will about whether or not Burrows should have even been on the ice, he was, and he brought his A game. As did all the Canucks.  I saw so many infractions in tonight’s game I think that Burrow’s biting should be forgotten and never mentioned again.

This was a much better game than the first; the boys were really flying and were all over the Bruins.  Their back-checking was amazing and that second goal by Daniel was a thing of beauty.  I think, actually, when he tied it up that took the wind right out of Boston’s sails.  You could see that they just didn’t have the heart after that.

You know what?  I would give my eye-teeth to go see one of these play-off games.  However, I would not give $5,000, which, apparently, is what some tickets were fetching for Game #1.  Can you fathom that?  I guess if you were filthy stinking rich it wouldn’t bother you.  But for us normal-joe hockey fans, it’s a tad steep.

So, game 3 will be in Boston on Monday.  Should I predict that Vancouver will win?  Because I think they will.  They won’t win #4, and I can’t see anymore than that in my crystal ball.  I have yoga on Monday which starts at the same time as the game.  Boo.  I will have to set the PVR.

I absolutely couldn’t believe Burrows coming out and scoring the game winner in 11 seconds!  An amazing goal!  And watching how the players erupted in absolute joy after he did it made me laugh right out loud.  I said to my husband:  “Hockey players amaze me; they’re really just boys who’ve never grown up.”

The looks on their faces took me backto the years to when Landon played hockey with his friends and the sheer, unadulterated looks of joy on their faces when they’d score a goal, or win a championship game.

There is something that happens amongst boys and men who play these kinds of extreme sports — it takes them somewhere that the rest of us just can’t go; the elation they experience is simply off-limits to us.  But getting to witness it is something of an honour; we’re able to experience, though from the sidelines, what it must mean to be a champion, if only for a moment.