May 1st

Day 122 — May 1st.  It hit a balmy 12 degrees today.  Still, I’d rather that than what we had on Monday.  I know that Spring is truly here now.  I saw and heard a massive flock of cranes today.  I was on a short walk in Morinville and suddenly I heard their beautiful, soft trilling overhead.  I looked up.   And nearly cried.  They are so amazing to watch and listen to.  Spring really is here now.  It really is.

Sunday, and now, it’s Tuesday

It’s nearly noon and I’m still sittin’ in my pj’s.  Have to say I’m feeling very McDonald’s about it.

Went and visited with our friends last night, whose granddaughter is in the hospital again with cancer.  Was wonderful to see them, hope our visit helped to take their mind off their worries for a tiny while.  We went up to the hospital to see Jolene and give her mom a break from the constant vigil.  Amy is handling it all pretty well.  She’s a tough girl.  Has to be.  Having been through this all before I’m sure emotionally she’s toughened herself up.

Always amazing to me what people are capable of when put to the test.  Oh sure, some fail, but for the most part I think most of us generally rise to the occasion.  Looking at that little girl, a baby really, lying there I couldn’t help think of my own grandchildren.  And gave up a silent, selfish prayer for their health and safety.

So, it’s Tuesday morning, now.  We are in the midst of a terrific Spring storm.  The winds have been howling at around 50 – 80 km/hr all night, and the rain has been driving down in torrents.  Now, it has started to snow.  Yay, it’s Spring – time in Alberta.

The car-bomb in NYC startled me a tad.  As I’m going there this summer with two of my sisters and one of sisters-in-law.  Thank God they found it before it went off.  Don’t know that I’d want to continue with my plans if the city was going to start to be bombed and terrorized again.  That’s chicken-shit, I know, but, hey, I have a lot to live for, damn it!

My essay on time management is still being hashed out.  It’s very slow going, especially when I only have about a half hour a day I can work on it.  Which reminds me. . .

. . . need to look into the WD’s annual competition.  Need to waste $15 US again and make a submission.  It’s my contribution to the world of glossy, commercial writing advice for wannabe’s like myself.

Oh, shit, that was pretty cynical, wasn’t it?  You’ll have to pardon the bitter, whining tone, I’m tired and I wish I had the time to just sit down and finish my essay so that I can submit it, forget it, and start something new.

something wonderful from yesterday — large flock of cranes flew low over my head yesterday as I was driving into Morinville.  I opened the window so I could hear their gurgling cries.  I love the passage of the cranes in Spring.  Usually I only hear them from way up in the air as they’re riding the upper thermals.  But yesterday they were under the clouds and close to the ground.  I seriously wish I’d had my camera and, wait for it, the time to stop and take some pictures.