Can you believe it?! Snow!

Well, it’s not a lot of snow, but, still, dammit, it’s snow!  Got very chilly here yesterday and just a few minutes ago as I walked to the Library, there were snowflakes drifting down.

And we’re supposed to be having a steak barbecue tonight.  Won’t that be fun — milling around in the frigid air trying to wolf down a hunk of beef before it gets cold and the grease starts to congeal.  Sounds so appetizing.

But, we’ll make the best of it, I’m sure.

The week is almost to a close.  It’s been busy, fun and exciting.  Our dorm room has been plagued with problems.  First the bottom floor shower didn’t work properly.  Fixed.  Then the light in the living room went.  Fixed.  Then, last night around 11 p.m. the carbon monoxide detector went off.  Had to go out find a security guard, get admitted into the locked campus headquarters, tell Ray about our problem, nice old security guys gave us a Timbit while we waited for another nice old security guard to make some phone calls.  Finally got Lorne on the phone who said he’d be over in 10 minutes to take a look.  Walked back to our room, another room-mate had shown up in our absence, gotten frightened because we’d left all the lights on and I’d left my bedroom door wide open — something I never do — so she’d gone running back to the ‘poker palace’ to get help because she was afraid something had happened to Marliss and I, we assured her we were fine, had a great laugh, then sat around waiting for Lorne.  Lorne came, brought a new detector, installed it, assured us we wouldn’t expire from carbon monoxide through the night, but we decided, cold as it was to sleep with our windows open, just in case.

Needless to say, we made it through the night.

I didn’t get a walk in this morning because I decided to sleep in til 7 a.m.  It was after midnight by the time we got into bed, and I’d had a tough night playing poker, besides the previously mentioned excitement.  I damn near won!  Came down to me and a guy named Troy.  My undoing was a daring (stupid) moved to bluff with a 2,3 unsuited combo.  Lucky for me another 3 turned up on the flop.  Unlucky for me, Troy was holding a pair of 4’s.  My next hand I was holding a Q,6 and played it.  He went all in, I had no choice.  He was holding K,7.  On the flop and the river the cards came up giving me a shot at a straight, unfortunately I didn’t the card I needed on the turn.

Ah, well that’s why they call it a game of chance.

I lost $10, but I had a great time.

Gotta go, get back to class — we’re learning about using social media to promote our Locals today.

Ta, everyone — have a great day.  I hope it’s warm where you are.