March 16th

Day 75 — There’s something about writing Day 75 — seems somehow momentous.  But, really, it wasn’t.  Unless you count my driving in a snowstorm to the far-flung south of Edmonton to go have an infrared slimming body wrap.  And though I had a couple of bad moments on the highway, I have to say the experience was definitely worth it.  The girls at Total Body FX treated me like a queen.  And that wrap!  It was the most relaxing thing I’ve ever done.  I dropped another pound and half because of it, too.  I think once I reach my next weight-loss goal I’m going to treat myself to another one.


Day 32 — An interesting day of meetings — but concerns now about what’s happening with our pension.  The drive home was good – until I had to get on the Yellowhead from Henday and then everyone turned into an idiot.  Seriously, people!  Got home though, safe and sound.  A glass of wine and homemade pizza, a snuggle with my hubby and all was right with the world again.