June 24th

Day 176 — Well the first of the last 3 days of work before my holidays begin is done.  Two more to go.  Here’s hoping they go by quickly.

I managed to get out for that evening walk I’ve been talking about.  Went out for about an hour.  I forgot how much I enjoy that time to myself.  Time to think, to ponder, to work things out.  And then there was the getting reacquainted with the rythyms of my body as I walked along.  The ebb and flow of air in my lungs, the surge of my leg and torso muscles as they contracted and elongated with my steps and the swing of my arms.  It’s a pattern of motion that is so conducive to calm and constructive thought.  I am definitely going to get back into the habit.


May 2nd & 3rd

Days 123 & 124 — Yesterday morning while I was doing my exercises — faithfully, I might add — I pulled/popped/tore something in my upper right leg.  Doing a warrior pose stretch, something I’ve done countless times.  I bent over, left hand to right foot and suddenly – snap! – I heard it as well as felt it.  Knew it wasn’t good.  No. No. No. I thought over and over, just walk it off, just walk it off.  And then, things really got weird.  I started to black out.  Got myself to a chair, I remember thinking how ridiculous this all was and then, the next thing I remember is waking up.  Very strange feeling.  Called my husband to let him know and said I thought he should come home.  Got some ice, got into bed, knew I was in shock and just got under the covers and went back to sleep.  Tim got home and by that time I was starting to feel somewhat normal again, though my leg hurt like hell.  Called the doctor, couldn’t get in, I relayed my experience; they said they’d get back to me.  Finally, around 2:30 they did.  Just ice it, take Advil and tensor it.  Rest.  The black out wasn’t anything to really worry about.  Well, I was worried.  So, I called my sister Lori, a nurse, and asked her advice.  She basically said the same thing, so I relaxed.  But boy oh boy was I tired.  Slept practically all day.  Lori said that was likely from the drop in blood pressure, which was what caused the black out.  She called it a vagovasal response.  Isn’t that just the coolest word?  I kept thinking it sounds like ‘basil bagel”.  But anyway. . .  So, now I’m nursing a sore leg (it is feeling a thousand times better than it did yesterday) and wondering how soon it will be before I attempt warrior pose again — if ever.

And yoga is supposed to be good for you!

On a lighter note — the weather has been sublime.  Tim and I took a drive late this afternoon to run a few errands and then go to the pool so I could soak in the hot tub.  I wished I was feeling up to going for a walk it was so nice.  Tomorrow I’m going to have him get the deck chairs and loungers out so that I can take a book and sit outside while I baby this stupid leg.  We stopped on the way home for ice-cream.  Went to Marble Slab.  Very dangerous.  Not just because it’s probably the most expensive ice-cream on the planet, but because it’s so damned good.  I had a sundae made with French Toast ice-cream, crushed KitKat chocolate bar, hot caramel sauce, whipped cream, peanuts and topped with a cherry.  I didn’t eat the cherry.  Hate maraschino cherries.  I let Tim have that.  Might have saved myself 1.5 calories out of about 1500.

Who cares?  I enjoyed it.  And after the scare I had I think I damned well should.

April 6th

Day 97 — A quiet day inside away from the snow.  In the evening I went on a ‘date’ with Landon.  The last time he and I did anything together, just the two of us, was probably before he moved out of home.  It was nice.  We had a bite to eat at Boston Pizza (love those bacon-wrapped steak skewers!) and then went to the Rush game.  First time watching a lacrosse game.  Loads of fun!  It’s a loud, rowdy crowd and a great sport to watch.  Will definitely do it again.  Spending time with my grown-up boy was a delight.  Hopefully, we don’t wait 20 years to do it again.

Sunday afternoon

It’s Stupid-bowl Sunday,  oops, I mean Super-bowl Sunday.  Tim’s all geared up with beer and chips.  He’s a happy little fella.

Me?  I’m going to bake.  Granola bars and bread.  Get some stuff done for work tomorrow. Kick back, relax, read some more of Black House (which is a MAJOR disappointment, I must say), maybe contemplate beginning a crochet project.  We’ll see.

Spent the weekend at a CUPE bargaining conference.  The best I’ve ever attended.  KUDOs to our new AB Div President and the team she assembled to make this weekend such a success.

I’m not a political animal or much of a networker (probably why I’m not very successful in the things I want to be successful at — but that’s off topic) but I think I did pretty good this weekend.  I got up, for the first time ever, and spoke at the open mike.  This is just a little daunting, and in my past experience at these things, the mike is usually commandeered by a select few with a special agenda to sell.  This time, however, that wasn’t flying.  Made for a nice change.

I also spoke up and out when I had the chance.  So many of the people who attend these CUPE events are such radicals.  They see things in only one colour — black or white — neither of which is a colour, but, there you go.  I tend to see things in all shades and consider myself more of a conservative (not CONSERVATIVE) for those of you who will  jump at the chance to flog me for that choice of word.  I don’t take an extremist position or point of view, I try to see things in terms of what will work for the best for everyone.

Apparently, this makes me a weak unionist.  So be it.  I’d rather be a weak unionist who manages to get what’s best for the membership I represent, than an extremist who constantly puts their jobs in jeopardy.

Well!  I got that off my chest.

And all because I had the guts to say what I felt this weekend.  And lets face it — the signs all over the walls said to listen, respect, and contribute.  I was only doing what was expected.

On another topic entirely:  watched the movie The Help last night.  It’s a wonderful film.  If you get the chance you should see it.  I wanted to read the book first, but just knew I wouldn’t have time before the Oscars at the end of the month and I do want to see all the contenders before the awards ceremony.

It’s a wonderful story of women, both black and white, in the 50’s, and the racial and societal constraints each had to deal with.  It’s not over-wrought, there’s (thankfully) not a lot of violence, though it is alluded to.  It is a very intelligent movie with lots of humour and insight.  I don’t think I’ll ever look at a chocolate pie in quite the same way again.

Watching it I couldn’t help but admire the lovely dresses these women wore.  I often wish I had lived during that time simply so I could wear such gorgeous dresses.  Of course, I wouldn’t have wanted to live in such repressive conditions, but, oh, those dresses!

In my job wearing a dress to work would be simply stupid.  And because I’ve become so accustomed to wearing slacks, jeans and cords, when I do put a dress on I feel awkward.  Isn’t that silly?  I somehow feel like I’m “showing off” or not being my ‘real’ self.  How is that we come to place such restrictions on ourselves?  I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, I’ll go shopping one of these days and pick myself up a couple of nice everyday dresses that I can wear around the house.  Dresses suited for doing housework, but that look feminine and pretty.

What do you think?  Am I being unrealistic?  Longing for something I never had?  An experience that I don’t even understand?  Or simply getting addled?  Help me out here with your comments!

They’ll be greatly appreciated.

Just some pics I downloaded from Google Images to illustrate the kind of dresses I’m talking about.