July 29th

Day 211 — It was a work inside kind of a day.  Very cool again, but at least some sun.  Am working on some writing projects (which I will stay mum about until I’m confident that I’ll actually finish them) and just in general did house-stuff.

The pergola is all but finished.  We just need to do some of the fine details and then it will time to move furniture under and enjoy it.  I am thrilled — and, as I said before, it is beautiful.  My husband does good work.

Had dinner last night at my favorite pizza restaurant — Famoso.  A new one opened up on 97th Street near 153rd Ave.  I still think my favorite Famoso spot, though, is the one up on St. Albert Trail near the theatres.  For some reason the atmosphere and the pizza are just that much better there.  All the same my margherita pizza with Italian ham was delicious!

April 27th

Day 118 — In Calgary for an AEEC meeting.  Tim came with me.  It’s been a nice little mini-break.  Last night we went to Famoso Pizza over on 104 St. and 23 Ave.  We were both a little let down.  Our experience at any of the FP’s in Edmonton has always been exemplary. Here, it was mediocre.  Can’t say why.  It’s certainly not a rivalry thing.  We both like Calgary, it was just a feeling that something was missing.  And for whatever reason the pizza was just not as good as what we’re used to.  Still, we enjoyed ourselves.  Today, I spent attending the meeting and Tim went to a comic expo.  He couldn’t get in because it was sold out, but he hung around and took pictures of many of the people dressed in costumes who were able to get tickets.  We decided to go back to 104 St. tonight.  We wound up in a Rose and Crown Pub.  Had a great beer and a run of the mill steak sandwich. Two ‘date’ nights in one weekend — I love it.

Labour Day Monday

Well, it’s Sept. 3rd, Labour Day 2012.  I am avoiding any kind of labour today.  It’s tough enough facing being back at work.

I think we’ll go to a movie this afternoon and then to our favourite pizza restaurant — Famoso’s.

It has turned out to be a very cool, wet and windy weekend.  so much for the forecast of beautiful, warm and sunny we were promised.  Saturday night was particularly crazy.  The wind was unbelievable.  Made me think that we were somehow getting some of the tail end of Hurricane Kirk.

Don’t know if that’s really possible this far North, but wow, those winds really came up fast.

Thank God today it’s sunny.  Still cool — only 13 degrees.  Technically, we’re still in summer, but we Albertan’s can tell, Fall has descended upon us.

Tim and I went for a bike ride this morning and it made me sad to see all the leaves littering the ground.  The fields are being harvested, the geese have started migrating.  The frogs aren’t croaking quite so loudly or frequently in the slough on the corner, and the calves are looking heavier and less gamboly as they graze in the fields.  I’ve started wondering where we’re going to spend Thanksgiving this year.  And planning our holiday for Spring Break.

My month is meted out in meetings and emails and once again, I’m living for the weekends.

And, as this is really, unofficially the last weekend of summer, I decided to just enjoy it, blustery though it was.

Tomorrow it’s kids in the hallways and coffee breaks and bagged lunches.

Labour.  Day.